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Log Stores

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Log Stores

If you ever use a wood stove or fire pit, you also know how important it is that your wood is dry. With our DIY log stores, you can create a sturdy wood rack in no time at all. Use our brackets to build a custom log store that will keep your wood dry and ensures it will burn well.

DIY log store

When you are storing your wood, it is important to keep it off the ground, so the moisture from the ground cannot get to the fire wood. Moisture can cause mould and decrease the quality and flammability of the wood. To protect the fire wood from rain, use our waterproof tarpaulins, available in various colours and sizes.

Building a log store

Looking for the right fasteners to build your log store? Wovar is a specialist in fastening materials. We offer countless screws, bolts, nuts, and much more in myriad sizes and colours. You will definitely find the fasteners you need for building your custom log store.

Buying a log store

Design your own log store in your garden with these brackets from Wovar. Construction companies, carpenters, and gardeners get great benefits when they sign up for a free business account.

Still have to cut the logs you want to store? Then you might be interested in our selection of axes and work gloves.

Are these not the kind of brackets you are looking for? Browse all our anchors and brackets, including pergola brackets, joist hangers, and shelf brackets.