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Roof Tile Clips

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Roof Tile Clips

Are you sure that your roof tiles are properly secured and that they are not blown off the roof by strong winds? With roof tile clips from Wovar, you can firmly anchor your roof tiles to the battens. You can choose from different types, namely the 'normal' tile hook and the Frisian tile hook. We also have a model with galvanised wire and a model made of stainless steel. The exact formats can be found in the description and product pages. The roof tile clips are supplied per 100 pieces. This way you can provide them for your entire roof immediately and cheaply!

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It is mandatory in parts of Europe to anchor roof tiles. You can easily do this with the Wovar tile hooks. You can easily clamp our tile hooks around the batten and around the roof tile. Assembly, therefore, takes hardly any time and you do not need any tools. The strong roof tile clips are available in galvanised and stainless steel versions. You can also choose from the traditional and Frisian tile hooks. Both hooks are mounted in the same way. With the tile hooks, you can ensure a reliable attachment. Even during strong winds, you don't have to worry about the tiles blowing off the roof. 

Attaching Tile Hooks

Wovar's tile hooks are very easy to attach. You can clamp the hooks by hand around the batten and roof tile. The long side of the hook will lie around the batten. The other side will then lie in the valley of the hollow roof tile. In the case of the traditional tile hook, this part is overlapped by the roof tile above. In the case of the Frisian tile hook, also called an S hook, place the tile above it in the extra bend. For example, 2 roof tiles are connected to each other and to the batten as it were. If it is impossible to clamp the tile hook by hand, you can tap it lightly with a rubber mallet. 

Buying your Roof Tile Clips

Buy your tile hooks now per 100 pieces at an affordable price at Wovar! This way you can provide all or a large part of the roof with these strong tile hooks. Construction, Handyman, and landscaping companies receive extra benefits with a business account.

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