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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Deck Supports

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Deck Supports

Are you looking for strong and adjustable deck supports for under your deck terrace? Wovar supplies height-adjustable deck supports from 2 to 14 cm. Decking Pedestals are plastic caps that you can rotate to a certain height, ideal for uneven foundations. Adjustable deck supports then serve as the foundation of your wooden patio. The adjustable PVC deck supports vary in sizes from 2.5 - 4, 4 to 8 and up to 8 - 14 cm. Our adjustable decking pedestals fit on all joists in the head sizes 4x6 to 4.5x7 cm. Place these plastic beam supports on pavement tiles, concrete floor, or a concrete strip on its flat side. Maintain a distance of 50 cm along the beam. For wooden terraces, make a new row every 40 cm, with composite this is usually 35 cm.

Wovar supplies adjustable decking pedestals in six different sizes. Our line has suitable decking support for every patio. Popular decking pedestals are 3 - 6 cm, deck supports 4 - 8 cm, and bison pedestals 6 - 14 cm for raising your terrace extra high without soil. The dimensions indicate the minimum and maximum adjustable height. The high-quality plastic provides an enormous load-bearing capacity and a long service life. By using adjustable tile supports, the wooden substructure of your decking is leveled out. The space between the wood and the ground also gives your decking boards the space to ventilate, this in turn promotes the lifespan.

If you want to screw your adjustable beam supports to concrete tiles or a concrete floor, check out our special concrete screws. These screws are specially designed for firm anchoring in concrete.

Adjustable Deck Supports, Readily Available in our Webshop

Easily order high-quality deck supports from premium brand Wovar per piece. We price our products competitively but deliver quality because we only work with new plastic. Do you regularly want to buy these height-adjustable decking pedestals? Companies in the construction and garden industry always benefit from a discount with a business account.

Are these adjustable deck supports not quite what you are looking for? Then check out all our adjustable pedestals. Here you will also find our popular rubber paving supports. When building a deck, we always recommend using our strong stainless steel deck screws! Also, order landscape fabric to prevent weeds from growing under your terrace.