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Corten Steel Edging

Are you looking for corten steel landscaping edging for your garden? Corten steel is very durable, and the special treatment gives the garden edging a beautiful luxurious rusty color. Wovar supplies corten steel edging, but you can also contact us for the galvanized steel and black steel models. Additionally, all of our different types of Wovar garden edging are also flexible. As a result, these edge closures bend very easily, allowing you to make beautiful curves. This is useful for a winding garden path, for example. Of course, you can also make straight corten steel borders in your garden with our strips.

Wovar's garden border edging is multifunctional. You can use them for confining gravel, pebbles, and flowerbeds. In addition, borders are also widely used for flower pens. In recent years we have also seen more and more lawns bordered by garden edging because they eliminate the need to trim grass edges, retaining clean lines, which ensure a well-kept pristine appearance.

Wovar also supplies plastic garden edging in different colors. Curious? Take a look at our plastic garden edging.

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The corten steel edging from Wovar is supplied in different types. The popular sizes are 16 x 106 cm, 24 x 106 cm, and 40 x 106 cm. You can also contact Wovar for galvanized steel and black edging. The garden edging pieces are easy to connect to each other, so you can easily cut flowerbeds and gravel paths through your lawn. The garden edging is also provided with pegs, which ensure they remain firm in the ground. Because of the variety in sizes and colors, there is a suitable border for every style of garden.

Advantages of Corten Steel Edging

The use of corten steel garden edging, and galvanized steel or black steel powder-coated edging gives you a number of advantages. We list the advantages for you:

  • The corten steel garden edging is flexible. You can therefore also use them for winding paths or around flowerbeds.
  • Sun and rain have no influence on the edging because it already has a beautiful rusty brown color.
  • You can order the border edges individually and easily connect them together. This way you can order just enough edging for your project.
  • The rust layer on the outside protects the material inside, making corten steel a durable and exclusive product!

Placing your Corten Steel Edging

You can easily place the garden edging yourself. It is first of all important to determine where you want to place the edging and how many pieces you will need. Dig a trench with a shovel or garden shovel where you want to place the edging. We recommend a depth of about 13 cm, but you are of course free to choose. Place the garden edging in the trench and connect them together by bending the latch at the end. With a rubber mallet, you can hammer the pegs of the edging into the ground. If necessary, use a spirit level to place the border edges nicely straight. Would you like to trim the edging border? This is possible with an angle grinder. Backfill the trench with gravel, soil, or sand, and press it down firmly.

Ordering Corten Steel Edging

Order your corten steel edging now at an affordable price at Wovar! This way, you will be assured of a sleek, first-class appearance in your garden. Do you have your own construction or Handyman company, or are you a landscape gardener? Then quickly create a business account and take advantage of a fixed business discount, among other things. You will also receive a permanent contact person and a handy order overview.

Curious about all our types of garden edging? Take a look at our complete range of garden edging.