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Spirit Levels

With spirit levels from Wovar, all your constructions will be perfectly level. Choose from spirit levels - also called bubble levels or levels - in several shapes and sizes. We offer straight spirit levels with lengths varying from 50 to 150 cm, as well as corner spirit levels. You will find levels for horizontal and vertical use, in addition to levels for horizontal, vertical, and diagonal use. 

Use these spirit levels to level your wooden construction, straighten the sand before placing tiles, or placing fence posts perfectly straight. 

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How does a spirit level work?

Basically, a spirit level - or bubble level - is a metal tube with a vial with liquid. Most spirit levels have more than one vial. These vials allow you to see whether the object is straight or not. Usually, the vials differ 180°, 90°, and 45° from each other, so you can use the same spirit level for horizontal, vertical, and diagonal surfaces. For example, you can check whether a beam is level by placing the spirit level horizontally on top of the beam. The trick is to make sure the bubble in the vial ends up exactly between the two lines. As soon as this happens, you know the beam is level. You can do the same for vertical or diagonal objects.

Ordering a spirit level

You cannot be a DIY-er without a spirit level, so order your spirit level today. As business in the construction or landscaping sector, you can enjoy many advantages with a free business account. For example, our business clients receive a personal discount code and communicate with their own contact person at Wovar.

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