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Plastic Sheeting

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Plastic Sheeting

Are you looking for plastic sheeting? With Wovar transparent construction plastic sheeting rolls T100 and T200, you can easily protect materials that you leave lying on the construction site. Additionally, clear plastic sheeting is also widely used for shielding open spaces. For example, in an extension where the facade cannot yet be completely closed. You can also use plastic sheeting for open insulation and woodwork that needs protection against rain, condensation, dust, or dirt.

T100 or T200?

Both types of plastic sheeting are perfectly suitable for indoor use, protecting your belongings against dust, moisture, and other external influences. For outdoor use, we always recommend using plastic sheeting T200. This is almost twice as thick as the plastic sheeting T100 and, therefore, a lot stronger. For example, there is a much lower chance of the plastic tearing due to strong winds.

The main purpose of plastic sheeting is to prevent damage from rain, condensation, or dust. Clear plastic sheeting can of course be used for many more applications, such as covering furniture when painting a room. Or to cover a car that you would like to store for a longer period of time but still keep clean. The difference in type T100 and T200 is in the thickness of the plastic sheeting. When covering objects indoors without sharp edges or points, choose clear plastic sheeting T100. For outdoors and objects with protruding points and sharp edges, opt for clear plastic sheeting T200. The T100 is thinner (35 μm) dan the T200 (60 μm), which also explains the difference in price.

Using plastic sheeting T100 & T200

Using clear plastic sheeting to protect your construction site or DIY projects should be done without pins or pegs. Pins and pegs create holes in the plastic sheeting, increasing the chance of ripping the sheet. In the event of a gust of wind, there is a good chance that the plastic sheeting will tear. Always use clamps or (relatively) heavy objects such as stones to keep the sheeting in place.

Transparent construction-grade plastic sheeting from Wovar is ideal for construction sites. With the sheeting, you can easily cover tools and other materials. Cut the plastic to size yourself with scissors or a snap-off knife.

Ordering plastic sheeting

Order your transparent construction-grade plastic sheeting per 50 m roll. Companies in construction, landscaping, and handyman services enjoy additional benefits with a free business account.

Is clear plastic sheeting not quite what you are looking for? Then check out our tarpaulins, weed membranes, or gravel grids. Additionally, Wovar also supplies vapour-permeable breather membranes for closed roofs and walls, and UV-resistant House Wraps.