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Delivery between 2 and 5 business days throughout Europe!
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Wovar Construction foil

Are you looking for construction foil? Wovar supplies construction foil on a roll and per meter. Think of high-quality vapour-permeable building foil for closed roof and wall. But also transparent construction foil to simply cover materials. Normal construction films transparent can be divided into T100 and T200. This has everything to do with the thickness of the construction films. In addition, these foils differ in width. You can choose transparent construction film from 200 cm to 600 cm wide.

Vapour permeable construction foil for closed roof and wall

The vapour-permeable building foil for a closed roof and wall cannot be compared with normal building foils. This high-quality construction film for closed facades is used in new construction and renovation. The vapour-permeable foil is water-resistant, beige in color and available with self-adhesive strip and without. The foil ensures that the inner wall on the side of the cavity does not become damp. However, condensation can form between the cavity due to the change in temperatures. This makes these foils vapour permeable. This allows moisture to evaporate to the outside.

Please note, the vapour-permeable construction foil is suitable for walls and for roofs from 25 degrees or higher. In addition to building film for closed facades, Wovar also supplies UV-resistant facade film for open facades.

Here at Wovar, you have come to the right place for construction films. From professional fire-resistant vapour-permeable foil for closed roofs and walls, to transparent construction foil for covering materials. You can also easily choose between a linear meter or a complete roll. Below we go into more detail about the different types of construction foil from Wovar so that you can easily make the right choice!

Vapour-permeable roof and wall foil

You use the vapour-permeable construction foil for closed roof and wall to protect your inner wall. The foil ensures that no moisture penetrates into the wall and thus mold and other unpleasantness arise. Vapour opening means that the foil does not allow water in, but that condensation that occurs due to temperature differences in the cavity does give the opportunity to evaporate.

Vapour permeable roof and wall foil is three-layer thick and provided with a top and bottom layer, with a High Breathable Film (HBF) in between. The construction film is beige in color and weighs approximately 120 grams per m2. Wovar supplies self-adhesive and non-self-adhesive roof and wall foil for closed roofs and facades. With self-adhesive you should not think that the entire foil is self-adhesive, but the construction foil has a self-adhesive edge. We always recommend using self-adhesive construction film. You will notice that the processing will go a lot faster with this.

Processing of vapour-permeable building foil for closed facades

When you apply the foil (1.50m height) from left to right, the most obvious way of gluing is vertical. Make a bead with glue every 60 cm. Always ensure an overlap of at least 10 cm. With self-adhesive vapour-permeable construction foil, it is important that the self-adhesive strips are stuck together. Do not forget to order a handy snap-off knife to easily cut the film to size. The foil has fire class E and has a temperature resistance of  -20°C | +80°C. Should you use the vapour permeable foil for your roof. Then the slope of this must be 25 degrees or higher.

In short, the Wovar vapour-permeable building foil for a closed roof and wall provides excellent protection for roofs and walls!

Construction film transparent

Construction film transparent T100 and T200 is widely used in construction. It provides protection from outside materials, open spaces and insulation or woodwork. It helps prevent damage from dust and rain. Of course, transparent construction foil can be used for many more applications. Remember to cover furniture when painting. Or car that you store for a longer period of time but would like to keep tidy. The difference in type T100 and T200 is in the thickness of the foil. You can easily order construction foil transparent per roll or linear metre. The widths vary from 200 to 600 cm wide. Because the use of construction foil can prevent annoying damage, we recommend that you never economise on this!

Order construction foil and vapour permeable roof and wall foil

Order high-quality foils from Wovar for the lowest price. Wovar almost always delivers construction foil transparent and vapour-permeable roof and wall foil from its own stock to your home the next day. Construction companies, gardeners and DIY companies benefit from extra benefits such as a discount with a business account.

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