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Wovar Flex Fence Louver Systems

Looking to make louvered fences of deck railings for the garden? Wovar supplies Flex Fence stainless steel louver systems in different lengths: 50 cm, 95 cm, 165 cm, and 220 cm long. With the louver system kit, you can easily make your own louvered fences, louvered pergolas, or louvered railings. The rails are made of stainless steel, so they do not rust. Beautiful for your roof, enclosures, or deck railings. The 220 cm long rails are unique in the market, and only available from Wovar.

You can easily install impregnated pine or smooth-planed hardwood fence boards and create your own louvered partition in no time. For the best installation, you can choose from planks of 1.6 to 1.8 cm thick and 14.5 cm wide. Do you want to sit out of the wind or shield from the sun's rays? Then close the slats. Would you rather enjoy the sun or a breeze? Then open the louver shutter.

Order your louver system in stock at Wovar, and enjoy fast delivery. Take advantage of a unique service: when you purchase the 50, 95, and 165 cm variants of louver systems, you will benefit from possible shipping discounts to your country of destination.

All Flex Fence sets are supplied with screws to fasten the rails to a (wooden) upright. We recommend ordering galvanized screws 3.0 x 16 mm for fixing the shelves. These have the correct length so that they do not penetrate the planks. You will find them in our range of full-thread screws. Do you use hardwood planks? Then make sure that you pre-drill the planks with a 2 mm thick hardwood drill. You will find these among our range of hardwood drills.

Which Boards should I choose for my Louvered Shutter?

We recommend choosing boards that are 1.6cm to 1.8cm thick. The most ideal width of the board is 14.5 cm, which is always good when swiveling. You can determine the length of the boards yourself, of course, and it depends on the area that you want to enclose or divide with the louvered shutters. Please note that the boards should be a maximum of 180 cm long. It differs per system how many planks you need. If you opt for the 95 cm long version, then you need 8 boards. With the 165 cm model, you use 14 planks. Do not place the planks tightly against the 10 cm wide holders. This gives the wood room to warp.

Would you like to install louvered slat screens over a greater length? Then make sure you install a second system. Then place a second upright in the middle to attach two rails to it. This gives you the opportunity to work over great lengths.

Stainless Steel Louver Systems

The slat brackets are made of stainless steel, so they do not rust. However, this does not mean that you no longer have to pay attention to them. To properly treat stainless steel, we recommend wiping the rails every six months with a damp cloth. This is especially recommended in coastal areas, so as not to give salt particles a chance to get stuck on the rails. To complete the flex fence, you need boards that you place in the guides. Wovar has made several custom plank sets, especially for the flex fence. These sets are easy to assemble and are available in the standard wood color, but also in black.

Shortening and Lengthening Louver Slats

The Flex Fence louver slats can easily be shortened with a hacksaw, also available to order here so that you can customize the slats. Do you need a longer Flex Fence than our longest version of 165 cm? Then you simply assemble different rails together. Do you need a rail of 2.5 meters? Then purchase our rails of 165 cm and 95 cm. You simply place this one above the other and shorten the small model by about 10 cm, so that you are exactly right.

Install Flex Fence Horizontally or Vertically

It is possible to place the swivel shades for the garden both horizontally and vertically, whichever you prefer. Keep in mind that the distance to be bridged remains the same in both cases and we recommend that you use planks with a maximum length of 180 cm. You, therefore, decide whether you place your rotatable slats horizontally or vertically. Do you place them vertically? Then make sure that you place an upper and lower beam at both the bottom and the top to attach the stainless steel rails.

Order Louver Shutter Screens

Choose from the different sizes of Flex Fence swivel screens from Wovar. Available in stock, which means fast delivery throughout Europe. Do you have a construction or DIY company or are you a gardener or furniture maker? Then sign up for a business account to take advantage of a fixed business discount.

Good to know: The louver slats seem to be loose on arrival, which can make them look limp. However, this is not the case, because you decide how light or heavy you want to adjust the slats. You do this by tightening the lock nut in the U-profile of the Flex Fence. It is best to use a water pump pliers for this. The tighter you tighten the nut, the harder the slats open and close. Note: do this before mounting, because you can no longer access it afterward.