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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Flex Fence Louver Systems

Looking for a louver frame for in the garden? Wovar offers stainless steel Flex Fence louver frames in the sizes 50 cm, 95 cm, 165 cm, and 220 cm. The 220 cm Flex Fence is unique and only available at Wovar. Use the louver frames to build a fence, roof, or privacy screen that can open and close as you like. The rails are made of stainless steel, which means they will not rust.

Simply install impregnated pinewood or smooth-planed hardwood fence boards, and you will have a beautiful fence panel in no time. For the best result, select boards with a thickness between 1.6 and 1.8 cm, and a width of 14.5 cm. The defining feature of the louver frames is that they can open and close. Prefer to sit out of the sun and wind? Then you close the Flex Fence. Want to savour that last bit of sun or crave a cooling breeze? Just open the Flex Fence and enjoy.

All Flex Fence louver frames include screws to fasten the rails to a (wooden) post. To fix the boards to the louver frames, we recommend adding galvanised screws 3.0 x 16 mm to your order. These screws have the right length to secure the boards without poking out the back. You can find them in the category galvanised full thread screws. Are you going to use hardwood boards? Make sure to drill pilot holes with a 2 mm hardwood drill bit.

Which boards should I choose for my louvered fence panel?

We recommend using boards of 1.6 to 1.8 cm thick. Ideally, the width of the board is 14.5 cm, as this results in the best proportions for opening and closing the panel. The length of the boards is up to you and depends on for what purpose you want to use the louver frames. However, the boards for one panel cannot exceed 180 cm. Any longer than this, and the wood will start to sag. The louver frames have different sizes and each require a different number of boards. For example, the 95 cm Flex Fence needs 8 boards, and the 165 cm uses 14 boards. The number will be indicated on the relevant page. Do not fasten the boards too tightly to the rails. This will give the wood room to expand and contract.

Planning to build a fence or other structure that requires a length of more than 180 cm? Order several Flex Fence louver systems. Position a post at least every 180 cm to attach the rails to, and the fence can be as long as you want.

Stainless steel louver systems

The frames of the louver system are made of stainless steel, so they will not rust. However, this does not mean they do not need any maintenance. We recommend wiping the rails every 6 months with a damp cloth. This is especially important in coastal areas, because it removes salt particles from the frame. 

Shortening and lengthening louver slats

Do you need a different size than the ones we offer? Flex Fence louver frames can be adapted to suit your needs. Simply shorten the rails or join different rails together to get the necessary length. For example, for a do you want a rail measuring 1.9 m? Then stack 2 of our 95 cm louver frames. To make a Flex Fence with a height of 150 cm, cut 15 cm off our 165 cm rails. The Flex Fence louver frames can easily be shortened with a hacksaw.

Install Flex Fence horizontally or vertically

It is possible to install these louvered shutters both horizontally and vertically. Keep in mind that the maximum length of the boards stays the same in both cases, i.e., do not use boards longer than 180 cm. Whether you install the Flex Fence horizontally or vertically depends entirely on your personal preference. Opting for vertical installation? Remember that you will still require posts to attach the rails to, but at the top and bottom instead of to the sides.

In the video below, you can see how to install Flex Fence louver frames.

Order Flex Fence louver systems

Choose from the different sizes of Flex Fence louver frames. Do you have a construction or DIY company, or are you a landscaper or furniture maker? Then sign up for a business account to take advantage of extra benefits.

Good to know: On arrival, the louver frames may seem to be a little loose. This is because you can decide yourself how easy or hard you want the opening and closing of the slats to be. You can do this by tightening the locknut in the U-profile of the Flex Fence with a pipe wrench. The tighter you fasten the nut, the harder it is for the slats to turn. Do this before installing the boards, as they will block access to the locknut.