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Wovar Drills and bits

You will also find drills for wood, stone and metal at premium brand Wovar. Choose from 3.5 mm hardwood drill bits in combination with decking screws or for the 6 mm hardwood drill bits in combination with our wood construction screws. Wovar's spade drills are also extremely popular. They are widely used for laying pipes through wood. Our Hammer Drill SDS+ Premium is most often chosen for drilling in concrete. These have a significantly longer life than our classic hammer drills.

Wovar now has hose drills for pre-drilling long carriage bolts and wood construction screws. These long drills are suitable for almost every type of wood. This way you can drill in Azobé, oak and coniferous wood without any problems. In addition to drills, wovar also has a wide range of bits and bit sets. Fits all different types of screws. Here you will also find our range of serpentine drills for wood.

Wovar Hardwood drills and Metal drills

Wovar's hardwood drills and metal drills are of very high quality. The drills are made of high-strength steel (HSS) and therefore very strong. The Wovar drills also have a high concentricity that ensures perfectly round holes. The titanium nitride coating increases the surface hardwood to approximately 2,300 HV. The coating also makes the drill bits heat resistant up to 600° C. Always get the drill in and out of the wood or metal while drilling. This prevents the drill from getting too hot and they have a longer life.

Hammer drills SDS-plus Premium

The hammer drill SDS-plus Premium is extra strong and lasts up to 30% longer than our classic hammer drill. The high-quality Premium SDS-plus hammer drills have a straight H spiral. Due to the H-spiral drilling dust is easily removed and the drill hole remains nice and clean. Wovar's premium hammer drills are widely used in the professional market. The heads of our Premium hammer drills are provided with extra hardened metal. Here, the drill effortlessly penetrates the hardest types of stone and concrete. Concrete types with pebbles are also no problem thanks to the combination of the extra hardened carbide head with SDS-plus connection. In addition to hammer drills with sds-plus connection, Wovar also supplies normal concrete drills.

Hammer drills SDS-plus Classic

This hammer drill classic has an SDS-plus connection. This gives your machine extra grip on the hammer drill and it does not slip during drilling. Even drilling holes in concrete with pebbles is no problem for this classic!

Hammer drills with 2 or 4 cutting edges

Both types of hammer drills with SDS-plus connection are available with 2 or 4 cutting edges. The difference is that with drills with 4 cutting edges you have a much better removal of drill dust. Drills with 4 cutting edges also provide nicer round holes. Drills with 4 cutting edges are recommended when drilling holes larger than 10 mm.

Spade drills

Wovar has high-quality spade drills for a fixed low price.This flat wood drill is widely used to drill larger holes in, for example, chipboard for pipes and cables.

TCT Holesaws

Wovar's TCT hole saws are suitable for cutting holes in plastic or wood. Wovar supplies hole saws from 16 to 60 mm wide.

To order

Order the high-quality drills from Wovar. Order 10 pieces and take advantage of our volume discount. Companies in the construction and garden industry benefit from additional benefits such as discounts with a business account.