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If you are looking for tensioning, tying, or garden wire, then you are in the right place. Our high-quality wire is incredibly versatile. For example, secure trees with the wire or make a trellis. We offer wire in different lengths and thicknesses, from 10 m to 100 m. Easily cut the wire to the required length with cutters. Our wire is a perfect match with our turnbuckles and wire tensioners

Naturally, the wire is available in different sizes and colours. Looking for even stronger materials? Check out our chains and wire rope.

Garden wire

We offer a variety of green wires, from 10 m to 100 m in length. These plastic coated wires do not stand out in your garden due to their green colour. Added to that, they are waterproof and incredibly strong thanks to this coating. To cut the wire to size, you can use wire cutters.

Green and black wire

In addition to green garden wire, we also offer black coated wire. Our wire is great for creating a wire fence or garden trellis. If you want to make a wire mesh fence, we recommend using wire tensioners

Buying wire

Convinced that this is the wire for the job? Then order today for an attractive price. Don't forget to check out our wire tensioners and turnbuckles as well. Carpenters, construction companies, and gardeners enjoy additional benefits, such as a business discount, with a business account.