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Universal Nylon Plugs

Are you looking for versatile plugs? With the universal nylon plugs from Wovar, you always have the right plugs at hand. Whether it concerns solid walls or ceilings made of stone or concrete. Or is it a hollow plaster wall? Wovar's universal plugs are suitable for almost every application. Popular sizes are 6 x 30 mm, 8 x 40 mm, and 10 x 50 mm universal plugs.

The reason that the universal nylon plugs from Wovar can be used universally is that they change into a kind of plug thanks to the four spreading zone. As a result, the plug pulls the screw firmly towards itself when screwed in and clamps it, as it were, against the wall or ceiling.

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Universal plugs can be used universally. This means that the plugs are suitable for solid and hollow walls. Do you always want to have the right plugs for the right job? Then make sure you have universal plugs in stock. These widely applicable plugs are suitable for almost every application in your household.

Which Screws Belong to the Universal Nylon Plugs?

For indoor use, we always recommend combining our universal plugs with our galvanized chipboard screws with Torx drive. These screws are not only very strong but also easy to disassemble thanks to the Torx impression. Do you want to mount something outside with a plug? Then choose our coated screws. These are just as strong as our galvanized chipboard screws but are protected against rust thanks to the strong AR coating.

Universal nylon plugs are available in many sizes. This varies from 5 x 25 mm to 14 x 70 mm. With every plug size, you need a different screw size. The thickness of the screw is especially important for the plug to function properly. The length also depends on the thickness of the material to be attached. Below we have made a handy table to see which screw size belongs to which plug size. We have also included a rough estimate of the pulling force. 

Plug thickness in mm Drillhole depth Drill thickness 
in mm
Screw thickness
5 x 25 mm 35 mm 5.0 mm 3.0 - 4.0 mm
6 x 30 mm 40 mm 6.0 mm 4.0 - 5.0 mm
8 x 40 mm 50 mm 8.0 mm 4.5 - 6.0 mm
10 x 50 mm 70 mm 10.0 mm 6.0 - 8.0 mm
12 x 60 mm 80 mm 12.0 mm 8.0 - 10.0 mm
14 x 70 mm 90 mm 14.0 mm 10.0 - 12.0 mm

How do I Install a Universal Plug?

Installing a universal plug is quite easy. This works almost the same as other plugs. You drill a hole in the wall with the same drill size as the plug. Make sure that the drilling depth is the same as in the diagram above. Then push the universal plug into the hole and screw the screw into the plug. The plug turns into a kind of prop so that your screw is attached very firmly.

Buy your Universal Plugs

Order universal plugs for the lowest price at Wovar. Wovar supplies universal plugs from its own stock and almost always within 24 hours. Companies such as gardeners, contractors, Handyman companies, and construction-related freelancers receive extra benefits such as an additional discount with a business account.

Are universal plugs not quite what you are looking for? Then check out our entire range of plugs. Here you will find hammer fixings, frame fixings, nylon plugs, drywall plugs, and hollow plugs!