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Radiator Foil

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Radiator Foil

Radiator foil, also called radiator reflector foil and radiator reflector, is easy to use. You simply place it behind a radiator and secure it with several magnets. This causes the warmth of the radiator to move into the room instead of being lost through the wall. Make sure to place the radiator foil with the reflecting side towards the radiator. The reflective layer causes the warmth to circulate better. Overall, using radiator foil results in a more constant temperature and lower heating costs.

Discover the many advantages of radiator foil. The reflective and thermal layer cause the warmth to circulate better through the room, so more warmth will be retained.

How to install radiator foil

Radiator foil is placed between the radiator and the wall. This is a task you can easily do by yourself.

  1. Measure the length and the width of the radiator.
  2. Cut the radiator foil to size with a knife or scissors.
  3. Carefully lower the sheet of radiator foil behind the radiator and secure it into place with at least 4 magnets. If your radiator is long or wide, you will need more magnets. You can also decide to use double-sided tape to attach the foil. 
  4. Make sure the reflective side is always facing the radiator. If you are using magnets to secure the radiator foil to the radiator, you can easily remove the radiator foil later on. 

Ordering radiator foil

Minimise heat loss with Wovar's radiator foil. Also add the magnets to your order, so you can use it as soon as it arrives. More and more carpenters, interior designers, and kitchen fitters get to know the many advantages of having a business account. Sign up for free today!

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