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Steel Garden Edging

Looking for steel garden edging? Steel garden edging is not only very beautiful, but also very durable. Garden edging make it easy to create divisions in your garden. For example, neatly separate your flowerbed or gravel path from your lawn and thus ensure a well-kept appearance. You can also place the steel garden edging at right angles or curves. The steel is flexible!

At Wovar, you can choose from the popular Corten steel garden edging, as well as other types from galvanized steel, or black powder-coated. Corten steel has a rust brown color and is available in different sizes. The galvanized version provides a lighter partition and can, for example, be combined well in gardens with shades of gray. The black coated edging gives a more rural look to your garden. With these variations, you are bound to find a suitable steel edging for every garden!

In addition to steel garden edging, you can also opt for plastic garden edging in different colors. Take a look at our plastic garden edging. 

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A steel garden edging has a number of advantages. For example, this garden edging is very resistant to temperature fluctuations and all types of precipitation. So, with steel edging, you are definitely making the sustainable choice. In addition, the garden edging is easy to place and link, so that it will eventually be a beautifully uniform whole. The flexibility of the steel garden edging also makes them multifunctional. A winding garden path, or a round flower bed is therefore no problem at all. Even right angles are easy to bend into the steel using a brick. The borders are suitable for elegant, but also sleek and modern gardens!

Placing your Steel Edging

You can easily place steel garden edging in the ground. We will explain it to you in a few simple steps:

  • Calculate how many garden edging pieces you will need and always round this number up to make sure you have enough.
  • Dig a trench where you want the garden edging. We recommend a depth of approximately 13 cm for a neat finish, but you are of course completely free to improvise.
  • Place the garden edging pieces in the trench and simply connect them together. Use a rubber mallet to drive the garden edging firmly into the ground. If necessary, use a spirit level to place the borders nicely straight.
  • With an agle grinder you can shorten the garden edging if desired.
  • Backfill the trench with soil or gravel. This not only ensures a neat finish, but also the sturdiness of the garden edging.

Buying your Steel Garden Edging

Buy your steel garden edging now at an affordable price from Wovar! This way you can easily create a sleek and luxurious look for your garden. Do you have your own construction or DIY company or are you a landscape gardener? Then quickly create a business account and take advantage of a fixed business discount, among other things. You will also receive a permanent contact person and a handy order overview.

In addition to steel garden edging, Wovar also has plastic versions! View our total range of garden edging.