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Post Holder Adjustable M20 Galvanized - Extremely Strong

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  • Wovar
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Why choose for Post Holder Adjustable M20 Galvanized?

  • Easy to adjust!
  • Extra strong due to M20 galvanized steel
  • Suitable for Concrete or wooden subfloor!

With this adjustable post holder M20 galvanized you can easily place posts on a wooden decking or concrete surface. The pole carrier M20 is extremely strong and made of galvanized steel. Pole supports adjustable M20 are also called column feet or adjustable pole feet. These post holders are widely used in the construction of carports, lean-to verandas and roofs. Always provide a solid surface that does not sag.

The adjustable pole carrier M20 consists of 3 parts. A steel plate 12x12x0.5 cm with M20 screw thread, a coupling nut 10 cm long for M20 bolts and a steel plate 16x16x0.5 cm with M20 screw thread. The screw holes in the steel plates have a diameter of 11 mm. This makes our M10 lag screws suitable for attaching the adjustable pole feet. Pre-drill the lag screws with a 7 mm thick hardwood drill.

The minimum setting height of the adjustable post holder M20 is 16 cm. The maximum adjustment height is 20 cm, however we recommend not to set it higher than 18 cm. This is because the post holder will 'wobble' at the last 2 cm.

If you want to anchor the adjustable post holder in concrete, combine the m10 lag screws with a 12 x 60 mm nylon plug. You drill like a hole in the concrete at the desired spot of 65 mm deep. Use our hammer drill SDS-Plus 12 x 160 mm for this. After you have filled the drill holes with a nylon plug, tighten the lag screws. For a higher clamping range and better protection of the post holder, we recommend that you always order M10 washers.

Order post holder adjustable M20 galvanized

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M20 threaded
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