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Magnetic Door Catch

The magnetic catches from Wovar not only have a magnetic attraction of 1.5 to 12 kg but are also attractively priced! Our extensive range of magnetic closures comes in different colors, and models in strengths. So there is a suitable solution for every situation. 

The white and gray magnetic catches, for example, are suitable for a sleek and modern look. Or does your closet have a classic color? Then the brown version might fit better. In addition, we also have extra strong catches that are made for industrial use. These are extra resistant to, for example, oil and dust. 

If your wardrobe has an authentic or vintage look, we recommend that you also take a look at our bullet catches.


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Wovar offers an extensive range of magnetic closures. This way you are guaranteed to find the right magnetic catches for your cabinet and interior. All magnetic catches are supplied without mounting material, but this can easily be ordered.

Industrial Magnetic Catches - Polar and Super Polar

The industrial magnetic catches polar and super polar from Wovar are frequently chosen options within machine construction. Due to the polar property and nickel-plated finish, they are resistant to rust and, for example, oil. In addition, they have a permanent magnet, which reduces the magnetic force to a minimum. You can choose between 4, 8, and 12 kg.

Invisible Magnetic Catches

Wovar's invisible magnetic catches are the best choice when you are looking for a seamless and invisible closure for your cabinet doors or doors. The magnetic catches are incorporated in the door and the frame, so that you will not have any protruding parts after the installation as with standard magnetic closures. You can even paint over it if you want! Available in two variants: 1.5 kg for light wardrobe and sliding doors and 3 kg for standard wardrobe doors and doors.

Magnetic Catch for 6 kg

For medium-heavy cupboard doors, it is best to use our 6 kg magnetic catches. These are available in three different colours: white, gray and brown. We recommend the white and gray variant for a sleek and modern interior and the brown one for a more classic interior.

Magnetic Cabinet Door Catch of 4 kg

The lightest variant of the magnetic catches from Wovar is suitable for small and light cupboard doors and is available in different colors. You can choose from white, gray and brown. The right color for every style! 

Which Magnetic Catch do I Need?

Our 4 kg magnetic catches are often sufficient for small and light cabinet doors. Not sure whether the cabinet door is light or medium weight? Then it is wise to choose the 6 kg variant. Or are you looking for a seamless and invisible finish? Then our invisible magnetic closures are a good choice. And do you have heavy cupboard doors and/or is your cupboard outside, in a shed, shed, or another place where moisture or dust plays a role? Then the polar and super polar magnetic locks are the best choices. 

Attaching a Magnetic Catch

Attach the magnetic catch in the middle to the inside of your cabinet. You can then mount the counter plate parallel to the door. 

For heavier doors, you can also use two magnetic catches. Make sure that they are placed evenly so that the force is well distributed. 

Ordering your Magnetic Catches

Order these magnetic closures from Wovar today for a competitive price. And do you have a construction or handyman company or are you a landscape gardener? Then sign up for a  business account and enjoy extra benefits such as a business discount and a permanent contact person.

Are magnetic closures not quite what you are looking for? Then take a look at our ball snaps or the complete furniture fittings. Here you will also find drawer guides, furniture knobs, furniture handles, leather handles,  box closures,  furniture locks, furniture legs, and table legs.