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Delivery between 2 and 5 business days throughout Europe!
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No less than 100 days right of return

Wovar EPDM foil

Are you looking for EPDM rubber foil for your wooden roof? Wovar supplies ready-made sets of EPDM foil complete with glue, roller, sealant and roof terminal. In short, everything to provide your carport or roof with a watertight EPDM roof. Because we sell complete sets of roofing films, you never have to worry about forgetting something. Please note: Wovar's epdm packages are only suitable for installing EPDM on a wooden roof. This is because the adhesive that is supplied only adheres to wood.

Because the glue is produced on a water basis, it does not matter whether the wood is wet or damp. This is super easy if, for example, you want to start early in the morning when the roof is still a bit damp. A handy roll-out sketch is included with every package of EPDM foil. It states, for example, where the roll of EPDM foil must be placed so that it can be rolled out correctly.

The difference of the packages is only in the size of your roof. It is imperative that the size of the EPDM is slightly larger than the size of your roof. For example, you should allow the EPDM foil to protrude approximately 40 cm over the edge.

As stated above, we sell ready-to-use EPDM packages for your roof, garden house or carport. EPDM packages are supplied complete with EPDM foil, glue, sealant, contact adhesive in aerosol, a round roof terminal, a fleece roller and gloves. The only difference between the packages is the size of EPDM foil that is included.

Below is a schematic representation of the roof dimensions for which we supply ready-made EPDM packages. On the left you can see for which roof size the package is suitable. On the right you can see the net size of the supplied EPDM foil.

Measurement roof Measurement EPDM
450 x 380 cm 490 x 420 cm
550 x 380 cm  590 x 420 cm
650 x 380 cm 690 x 420 cm
700 x 380 cm  740 x 420 cm
450 x 520 cm 500 x 560 cm 
500 x 520 cm 550 x 560 cm
550 x 520 cm 600 x 560 cm 
600 x 520 cm 650 x 560 cm

How do I apply a ready-made package of EPDM foil to my roof?

After you have chosen the right package for your roof, it comes down to mounting the EPDM foil. First you check your order. Is everything included? Then you can proceed to distribute the EPDM foil. The roll-out sketch supplied shows the angle at which you should place and roll out the roll of epdm foil.

Dividing the EPDM foil

After you have rolled out the foil and spread it evenly over the roof, let it rest for 10 minutes. As a result, the EPDM foil is as it were equipped. This is especially important in very hot weather. Then fold the foil back half of the roof so that only one half of the roof is covered with EPDM. Now spread the glue over your wooden roof using the supplied fur roller. Keeps glue free about 15 cm from the edge of your roof. This is where you later spray the supplied contact adhesive.

Gluing down EPDM foil

Now fold the foil back over the part where the glue has just been spread with the fleece roller. Sweep away the last irregularities from the center of your roof with the help of a soft broom. Now do exactly the same with the other half of your roof. First fold back the EPDM foil, then apply the adhesive with the help of the fleece roller, then distribute the foil evenly over the roof and sweep the unevennesses away from the center using a soft broom.

Gluing the edges

After you have glued the foil to your roof for the most part, it is now important to glue the edges well. You do this with the supplied contact adhesive. This glue comes in a spray can and is intended for the still untreated edges of 15 cm around your roof. Fold back the foil all around so that there is a space of about 15 cm. Now apply the contact adhesive to the edge all around. Now also spray the adhesive on the folded-over part of the EPDM foil. Fold the foil back onto the roof and press it firmly. It is recommended to use a so-called pressure roller for this. This ensures sufficient adhesion and press the foil on upright edges, among other things.

Note: for the best result, fold the epdm foil first up to the upright edge. Then press the foil firmly with a pressure roller. Then fold the foil around the raised edge and press it firmly again with the pressure roller for the best result. Keep the foil pulled down tightly when pressing the foil onto your roof.

Installing the roof terminal

After you have cut a hole in your roof and cut away the epdm foil with a knife, you can place the roof terminal. First of all, apply sealant to the foil of the roof terminal. Seal a circle around 2 cm from the plastic tube. Then seal another circle on the foil of the roof terminal at approximately 1 cm from the outer edge. You should now have provided the roof terminal with two circles of sealant. Now press the roof terminal through the hole and press the foil firmly. Again, it is best to use a pressure roller for the best result.

Finishing the edges

Now that the EPDM has been applied to your roof, it is important to finish the edges nicely. You can use our roof trim or aluminum corners for this! Our aluminum corner profiles in black or our roof trim anthracite are very popular. You can attach this with our high tack kit or black stone glue.

Order ready-made EPDM foil packages

Order one of the ready-to-use epdm packages for your canopy, shelter or carport. Wovar supplies epdm sets for the lowest price. Wovar supplies EPDM packages complete with glue, sealant and even a roller. Choose from one of eight packages to match your roof.