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Fixed Castor Wheels

Fixed castor wheels are the perfect solution for building a mobile gate or coffee table, as well as for industrial applications. Fixed castors force an object to move in a certain direction, because of the rigid cast around the wheel. An object on fixed castor wheels can go left or right, but cannot turn around corners. This is why we often see people combining fixed castors with swivel castors. Does your furniture need four wheels? Opt for two fixed castors on one side and two swivel castors on the other side.

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Frequently asked questions

Fixed castor wheels, also called fixed or rigid castors (or casters in American English), are wheels with a bracket that can only move in a straight line. Objects with fixed caster cannot turn around corners. Therefore, they are often combined with swivel castor wheels to increase manoeuvrability.

Fixed castor wheels can only roll in a straight line, as the wheels cannot change position. Swivel castor wheels, on the other hand, can move in all directions. 

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Castor wheels for inside and outside

Fixed castor wheels tend to be used for furniture. This can be for both inside and outside. Think, for example, of a mobile storage box or a flower pot on wheels. 

What is a fixed castor wheel?

A fixed castor wheel is a wheel that can only move in one direction (and back again). This means fixed castors are used as guiders for the object, since turning corners is only possible in combination with swivel castors. Naturally, these swivel castors are available in the same sizes, so your furniture is still level.

Fixed castors underneath a workbench

We offer fixed castor wheels that are plate mounted. In other words, you attach the castor by using the helpful mounting plate on top of the wheel. On the product page of every castor wheel, you will find the diameter of the mounting holes, so you know which screws to use. 

When you are using the fixed castors for, for example, a workbench, always put two fixed casters on the same side of the workbench. We recommend using swivel castors on the other side for more manoeuvrability. 

Ordering fixed and swivel castor wheels

When ordering several fixed castor wheels, you benefit from a volume discount. Ideal if you have various objects that require new wheels. Business clients enjoy even more advantages. For example, with a free business account, you will receive a personal discount code and have access to a detailed order history.