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Screw Hooks

Wovar's screw hooks are very simple hooks that can be mounted on almost any wood surface. With screw hooks, you can hang all kinds of things, both indoors and outdoors. After mounting, you could hang a flower pot or a painting in your sitting area or living room, for example. Screw hooks are widely used for attaching accessories that give your home a homely atmosphere. Screw hooks can be used on almost any material, but can also carry almost anything. The craziest thing you can think of, you can hang on a screw hook! 

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Screw Hooks into Wood

You can easily turn screw hooks into wood. If you have trouble with this, first drive a screw of the same thickness into the wood, after which you can continue turning with the screw hook. When working with thicker screw hooks, you can choose to pre-drill with a hardwood drill bit thinner than the screw thread. You could use pliers for screwing in so that you have a firm grip. Wovar has various sizes of hardwood drills and hand tools such as pliers available.

For mounting in stone, use nylon plugs. After selecting the correct plug, drill a hole the same width as the plug itself. Use a concrete drill for this. To drill the correct depth, you can mask the correct distance with painter's tape. You will find these in our adhesives, sealants, and tape. After the plug is in your stone wall, you can simply screw the screw hook into the wall. 

If you are looking for a stronger alternative to screw hooks, swing hooks may be a good alternative. If that's not what you're looking for, check out our full range of hooks and eyes.