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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Black Door Stops

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Black Door Stops

Do you want to protect your precious door handles and your walls, but not use rubber doorstops? Then the elegant black door stoppers from Wovar are a perfect solution. Door stoppers ensure that your door is held-back and cannot go any further. In the black door stopper range, you will find models that are suitable for wall mounting or for mounting on the floor, so you can work with our modern black doorstops in every situation. You can combine the black door stops perfectly with your new black door handles from our extensive collection of black door hardware. This way you can give your interior a modern, industrial look in no time. 

Of course, we also supply several different types of door stoppers. For example, do you want a door stopper that fits seamlessly with your stainless steel door hardware? Then view the collection of stainless steel door stops in which we offer you a wide variety of door stoppers.

Black door hardware is incredibly popular because they give your interior a very modern and industrial look! A beautiful black door stopper may seem like a small thing, but it can have a major influence on your interior look, especially in combination with other black home accessories. Additionally, the black color can easily be combined with other colors and door hardware which are usually easy to replace, so that you can give your interior a new look in no time, anytime! 

Black Door Stop

In our black door stopper range, we subdivided our products based on the mounting method and material. For example, we have simple black rubber door stoppers that are very attractive from a price point of view. In addition to the rubber door stoppers, our range also includes a selection of high-end and modern door stops suitable for mounting on a wall or the floor. These matt black door stoppers look much more elegant than the rubber ones.

We always recommend that you go through and choose the color of your door handles and door hardware along with the rest of the accessories in your home at the same time. Extra Wovar Tip: Do not forget to also replace your window hardware such as window stays and hinges. 

Where to Place Black Door Stops?

Depending on the mounting method, door stops can be mounted on the floor or on the wall. In almost all cases we supply the necessary fastening materials. So you only need the right tools to place the door stopper. Don't have these tools at home? View our extensive range of hand tools

When you place a door stopper to catch your opening door, take your door handles into account. The door stop must catch the door before the door handle touches the adjacent wall, furniture, or other doors. This way you prevent damage to your valuable door handles with lock.

Ordering your Black and Stainless Steel Door Stoppers

Whether you want to install a black door stop for floor mounting or a black rubber door stopper, you will find an extensive range at Wovar. On the product page of the desired door stop, we also provide useful advice about mounting the door stops and tips about the necessary tools. This way you know exactly how to place a door stopp and what you have to take into account.

Apart from black door stops, we also supply high-quality stainless steel models and simple rubber door stoppers. View our complete range of door stops and combine them with our door handles, doorknobs, hinges, mail slots, door peepholes, rosettes, and other door hardware.

Wovar is a specialist in the field of hardware, door handles, and other fastening materials. We deliver from our own large inventory and often ship your order the same day. Do you have a construction or Handyman company or are you a gardener or furniture maker? Then sign up for a business account to take advantage of additional benefits.