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Letter Plates

Looking for a beautiful letter plate for your front door? Wovar offers letterbox plates in various designs and colours. Whether you are looking for a modern black letterbox plate or one in a more traditional aluminium colour, you can find it at Wovar. A letter plate is a great way to integrate a letterbox in your front door. Our letterbox plates are easy to install in a front door, side panel, or garage door.

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Letterbox front door

Wovar's letterbox plates are available in various designs and colours. Do you want an aluminium letter plate, or would you prefer a black letterbox because it matches the rest of your door hardware? You can also choose between outward opening and inward opening covers. Most of our letter plates are equipped with a spring, so the cover automatically closes after opening. All your regular-sized mail will fit through the slots, which are the recommended size for a letterbox.

Letterbox draught excluder

As mentioned before, most of our letter plates are equipped with a spring, so it will close automatically. The main advantage of this mechanism is that your letterbox will never remain open, preventing both wind and rain from getting in. If there is still some draught passing through, it can be contained with a draught excluder on the inside of the door. These letterbox draught excluders are sold separately and are easy to install yourself. If the letterbox is not the problem, have a look at our regular draught excluders.

With a letter plate, your post is delivered right to your door. On top of that, the size of the slot allows you to receive small packages. 

Mounting a letterbox plate

To mount this letter plate on your door, you will have to be precise. If your door does not already have an opening for a letter plate, start by measuring the required size of the hole. The slot should as big as the inside of the letter plate. In most cases, this will be 28 x 4 cm, but we advise you to always measure twice, cut once. After marking the cut, start by drilling a hole at both ends with a spade drill bit 13 mm. Next, use a jig saw or reciprocating saw to cut out the remaining wood. 

Now that the door has a hole in it, drill pilot holes for the screws on either side of the opening. This is a task that should be executed very accurately. Determine the right thickness of the hardwood drill bit, so you will be able to sink the screws into the wood. Precisely measure the distance from the edge to the mounting holes. Again, measure twice, cut once. Always try to drill as straight as possible. 

When all of this has been done, or if the door already had an opening for the post, it is time to place the letter plate. You can do this with the included bolts. 

Recommended tools for this job (when you have a hardwood door) are: hardwood drill bits, a drill, a jig saw or reciprocating saw with saw blades, measuring tape, a pencil, a spade drill bit, and a screwdriver. For a smooth finish, use sandpaper or other woodworking tools.

Ordering a letter plate

Order these high-quality letter plates today at Wovar. Businesses in the construction and landscaping sector enjoy extra benefits with a business account. Become a business client today and receive a personal discount code and access to a detailed order history.