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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Stainless Steel Door Stops

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Stainless Steel Door Stops

Are you looking for doorstops to catch your doors when they open? At Wovar, you will find a wide range of door stoppers at competitive prices! Door stoppers can easily prevent damage to the paint of your door, your valuable door handles, furniture, and walls. We have divided our door stoppers according to material, mounting method, and size. This way you can see at a quick glance which door stopper suits your situation best!

You can buy a modern stainless steel door stop together with your new door handles, mail slots, doorknobs, hinges, and other door hardware from Wovar! We often ship your order from our own large inventory the same day! So you never have to wait long for your new door stop!

In the stainless steel door stoppers category, we have 3 different mounting options. These are: mounting on the wall, mounting on the floor, or a loose block model.

The models that have to be screwed on all have a different way of mounting, with the product in question we always go deeper into the mounting instructions so that you can be ready in advance. We also supply the mounting materials for almost all models, so you always have everything you need immediately at home!

Do you not have the right tools at home? Don't panic. You can easily order the necessary tools from our range of hand tools! We are also specialists in supplying top-quality concrete drills, hardwood drills, and the necessary bit sets for your drill. With us, you will find everything for your new job at one address!

How Does a Door Stopper Work?

A door stopper is a very simple tool to prevent your patio doors from damaging adjacent walls, furniture, or other doors. This often causes damage to the paintwork of the door, not to mention your valuable door handles. Doorstops absorb the blow of the door and because the stoppers are provided with a rubber head, this does not damage the paint of your door!

Combine your order of door stoppers with your new black door hardware, retro door hardware, and stainless steel door hardware.

Doorstops for Indoor Use

Although our doorstops are made of stainless steel, they are sensitive to superficial corrosion, so they are only suitable for indoor use. If you want to use a door stopper outside, view our range of Rubber Door Stoppers. These are perfect for outside!

Want to Order Black, Stainless Steel, or Rubber Door Stoppers?

Are these stainless steel door stoppers not quite what you are looking for? Then take a look at our range of Black Door Stops or Rubber Door Stoppers. Perhaps you will find a suitable product here for your wishes and which suits your interior! Do you have a construction or Handyman company, or are you a gardener or furniture maker? Then sign up for a business account to enjoy additional benefits.