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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Distance Screws

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Distance Screws

Wovar supplies set screws made of galvanised steel in 4 different sizes. Each set screw has a thickness of 6mm. The associated lengths vary from 60mm to 145mm. The set screws have a Torx 25 drive. This ensures that you install the screws easily. The galvanised steel makes the Wovar set screws very strong. Wovar adjusting screws are also called spacer screws. Galvanised steel can oxidise after damage. Damage to the spacer screw often happens while mounting the screw. Therefore, always use our high-quality Torx 25 bits for mounting these set screws. For extra comfort during mounting, we recommend ordering our magnetic bit holder with 2 free Torx 25 bits. 

Wovar supplies distance screws in different sizes. Varying from 6 x 60 mm to 6 x 145 mm, Wovar's distance screws are extremely strong. The deep thread allows the adjusting screws to ensure accurate adjustment of wooden structures after setting, to ensure a firm anchorage. 

The galvanised distance screws have a flat head. It sinks nicely into the wood. The extra-deep Torx impressions have a perfect fit on Wovar Torx 25 bits.

Ordering Distance Screws

Order Wovar distance screws for the lowest price. The exact number can be found on the product pages. Companies in the construction and garden industry benefit from additional benefits such as discounts with a business account