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Coated screws Grey for Red cedar, Oak, Ayous and Garapa wood 4 x 30 mm

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  • Wovar
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Why choose for Coated screw for Red cedar, Oak, Ayous and Garapa 4 x 30 mm?

  • Extremely durable
  • Self-healing grey coating
  • Made for Red Cedar, Ayous, Oak and Garapa wood

Are you looking for coated screws for installing Red cedar, Oak, Ayous and Garapa wood? These grey coated screws 4x30 mm are often used for siding panels. The grey color ensures that the coated screw is hardly noticeable when installing grey planks. Coated screws for tannic-containing woods are made of hardened galvanized steel. The grey siding panel screw has an organic coating. This not only provides a beautiful grey color, but also protects the screw optimally against rust. The coating has been specially developed for chestnut wood and woods such as Red Cedar, Oak, Ayous and Garapa.

The coating is also called anti-rust coating and is made up of various organic and environmentally friendly chemicals and is self-healing. This guarantees continuous protection. The grey screws 4 x 30 mm have a torx 20 impression. This ensures that your machine does not slip when the screw is being screwed in. In hardwood we recommend pre-drilling the screw with a hardwood drill bit 3.0 mm thick.

Order coated screws for Red Cedar, Ayous and Garapa wood

Look no further for coated screws grey and order these highly rust-resistant 4 x 30 mm screws online at Wovar, your supplier of grey screws. Grey coated screws for Oak, Red Cedar, Ayous and Garapa wood 4 x 30 mm are supplied in boxes of 200 pieces. Companies in the construction and garden sector benefit from extra benefits such as a discount with a business account.

Is this Coated screw greey not quite what you are looking for? View our entire range of garden screws. Here you will find, among other things, stainless steel 410 steel screws and galvanized screws.

Full description

Product attributes

Article number
Rust resistant coating
Countersunk head
Torx drive
Hardened steel
4 x 30 mm
Torx 20
Price unit
Box 200 pieces
4.0 mm
30 mm
Grey coated
Commonly used for
Grey painted rebated feather edge cladding
Commonly used for
Grey painted decking boards
Commonly used for
Ayous, Red Cedar, Oak and Garapa wood
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