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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Drop Bolts

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Drop Bolts

Drop bolts are ideal for closing your garden door or garden gate. The latches are very strong, easy to assemble and can be mounted both vertically and horizontally. The name drop bolt is because these bolts are usually placed vertically and therefore 'drop' closed. With the ring at the top, you can leave the drop bolt open. Wovar offers a galvanised and a black version. This way you match the bolt to your garden fence or gate.

Assembly of the latches is very easy. The plate on which the iron pin is mounted is equipped with 6 mounting holes, so you only have to use screws. For mounting tips, please refer to the product pages, where we recommend suitable screws, among other things. For extra safety, sometimes 2 drop bolts are used per door or gate.

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Wovar's drop bolts are reliable and easy to install. Wovar offers a galvanised and a black version, so you can have the bolt match your gate. The pin is equipped with a ring. You can place this ring over the top of the mounting plate, leaving the lock open. Release the ring and the bolt will drop. This way of locking is very simple and very suitable for use with garden gates and doors.

Mounting the drop bolt

Installing a drop bolt is not difficult. You can use our screws 5 x 40 mm for this. You will find these screws in the range of garden screws, where a black version is also available. We recommend that you always pre-drill with hardwood. You can do this with a 3.5 mm hardwood drill bit, which can be found in the hardwood drill bit category. You can also find the recommended screws and hardwood drill bits on the product pages themselves, between the corresponding products.

Drop bolts are usually mounted at the top of a garden door or fence. The large plate with pin is then mounted above the door, and the small plate in which the pin must fall is mounted on the door itself. If you want to place the bolt horizontally, you can place the plate with pin on the door itself as well as on the adjacent wall or fence. In all cases, make sure that the pin can fall exactly into the lock. For example, use a spirit level to mount the plates directly opposite each other.

Ordering drop bolts

Order your drop bolts now for an affordable price and easily close your garden door or fence! This way you can provide several doors with a drop bolt. Do you own a construction company, or are you a landscape gardener? Then quickly create a business account and take advantage of many other benefits.