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Wovar Garden screws

For example, you can make a wooden fence or garden gate with garden screws. Choose from our stainless steel or galvanized screws for outside. At Wovar we make screws in various sizes for outdoor use just a bit stronger and from high-quality stainless steel or galvanized steel. We strongly recommend that you choose our special decking screws for the mounting of decking boards. In addition to garden screws, Wovar also supplies chipboard screws and coated screws for construction. These screws are particularly popular with contractors, carpenters and construction workers. For all galvanized and stainless steel external screws, orders throughout Europe are delivered within 2-5 days.

Are you looking for the better screws for outdoor use? All stainless steel and galvanized garden screws from Wovar have a handy cutting point. This makes pre-drilling a thing of the past in soft woods. With hardwood it is necessary to pre-drill. This is easy with our hardwood drill bits. Wovar garden screws are also hardened as standard by a special heat treatment. This treatment initially heats up the garden screws extremely and then allows them to cool quickly.

410 stainless steel garden screws

The Wovar stainless steel 410 garden screws are extremely popular. Normal stainless steel A2 quality wood screws do not oxidize but are much softer than galvanized garden screws. As a result, the screws break regularly during installation. The special stainless steel 410 wood screws from Wovar do not oxidize and are just as strong as galvanized screws. Always use our stainless steel screws when working with hardwood or oak. Many hardwoods contain tannic acid and this affects galvanized screws. This does not happen with our stainless steel 410 screws. Every stainless steel 410 garden screw from Wovar has shank ribs. These make room for the threadless part of the screw. This ensures that the strength of the garden screws is optimally preserved.

Galvanized garden screws

The galvanized garden screws from Wovar are very strong. This is because the screws are made of galvanized steel. The zinc coating protects the garden screw against oxidation. When damaged, the screw can oxidize slightly. Always make sure that you work with our high-quality Torx bits. These have extra grip on the Wovar garden screws and ensure that your machine does not slip. This way you minimize the chance of damage. If you are working with hardwood, then our 410 stainless steel garden screws are highly recommended.

Black garden screws

The black garden screws from Wovar are almost the same as the normal 410 stainless steel garden screws. The only difference is that these garden screws have a high-quality black coated head. This makes the screw extremely suitable for screwing down black planks. The black top layer has been applied professionally and has a high wear resistance.

Order garden screws online

Order garden screws to make fences or to make scaffolding wooden furniture at Wovar. Order by the box or create a business account if you regularly need high-quality exterior screws. Companies in the construction and garden industry benefit from additional benefits such as discounts with a business account.

For hardwoods such as oak, Garapa hardwood, Kapur and Red Cedar, we recommend our specially designed stainless steel screws. These are thoroughly protected against extreme tannic acids.