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Stainless Steel 410 Torx 25 Deck Screws of 5 x 50 mm with Cutting Point - Box of 200 Pieces

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Box 200 pieces
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Why choose for Stainless Steel 410 Torx 25 Deck Screws of 5 x 50 mm with Cutting Point - Box of 200 Pieces?

  • Highly resilient 410 stainless steel quality
  • Suitable for hardwood, larch and impregnated wood
  • Hardened for extra strength
  • Not suitable for woods with tannic acids

Product attributes

Cup shape
Lens head
Article number
Feature 1
410 Stainless Steel
Feature 2
Equipped with shaft ribs
Feature 3
Equipped with milling ribs
410 Stainless Steel
Drive head
Torx 25
Price unit
200 pieces
5.0 mm
50 mm
Partial thread
Cutting Type 17 Auger Point
Commonly used for
Installing decking

Stainless Steel 410 Torx 25 Deck Screws of 5 x 50 mm with Cutting Point - Box of 200 Pieces

You can be assured of high quality with this Wovar 410 Stainless Steel Deck Screw 5.0 x 50 mm. These strong decking screws perfectly absorb the expansion and contraction of wood. Thanks to the cutting point, you can install these decking screws quickly and easily. These extremely strong 5x50 mm stainless steel decking screws from Wovar are hardened by special heat treatment. In this process, the screws are first intensely heated and then cooled rapidly. These hardwood screws are widely used for Bankirai, Ipé, Kapur, Keruing, and Massaranduba hardwood decking boards. Countersink the screws beautifully by using our Countersink Drill with depth stop. The head of the decking screws is then recessed to the same depth at every point.

Do you want to buy affordable Decking Screws online, but above all, want to be assured of good quality? Then choose these Wovar 5x50 mm Torx Terrace Screws in hardened 410 Stainless Steel. These absorb the warping of wooden planks well, do not snap, and have a lot of grip thanks to the Torx Head and cutting point.

Countersink Screws in Wood

Beautifully countersink the screws by using our Countersink Bit with depth stop. The head of the decking screw is then countersunk to the same depth in every place. You will find these in our category Countersink Drill Bits.

With this deck screw, you can also mount scaffolding, garden wood, fascia boards, balustrades, and all common hardwoods. You can easily fit these decking screws from Wovar in the hardest types of wood. It is not for nothing that these 5 x 50 mm screws are also called hardwood screws. Pre-drilling for hardwood is recommended. Use our 3.5 mm thick hardwood drill bit for this. This is not necessary for softwoods such as spruce, pine, Douglas fir, and Larch.

These decking screws also serve as hardwood screws. These are garden screws that are specially made for fixing and mounting hardwood. You can easily find these popular screws online at Wovar!

Tip: Do not forget to order spacers with your order! This way you always have an equal distance between your planks. And combine this with our decking liner to pre-drill the holes quickly and parallel.

Advantages of the Wovar Deck Screw

Because these decking screws have a hexagonal Torx 25 drive, they do not slip easily. These deck screws, also called terrace screws, can be easily screwed into your wood with the free-supplied bit. Discover the 410 Stainless Steel Deck Screw. It strikes the right balance of attractive pricing and strength, being stronger than A2 Stainless Steel.

This decking screw also has milling ribs under the countersunk head. As a result, the screw sinks even better into the wood. 410-grade Stainless Steel provides a stainless and heat-resistant screw that is extra hard so that the chance of breaking is virtually impossible. The Deck Screw has a standard diameter of 5 mm and is available in different lengths. The 5 x 50mm decking screw is the most popular. 

Note: Make sure that the drill head of the 410 Stainless Steel Deck Screw is not damaged. If this does happen, we recommend removing and replacing the screw. This will prevent rust and brown spots. You should also replace the Torx bit in time if it is twisted to prevent damage.

Ordering your Stainless Steel Deck Screws of 5 x 50 mm

Order these high-quality stainless steel hardwood screws for a competitive price from Wovar. And with a purchase of 5 boxes or more, you benefit from our attractive volume discount!

Green and construction companies, DIY shops, Handyman companies, and landscapers receive extra benefits at Wovar, such as extra discounts with a business account.

Is this decking screw not quite what you are looking for? View our entire range of deck screws here. In addition to stainless steel deck screws, we also supply coated deck screws for wood types with Tannic acids. You will also find decking clips, countersink drills, deck board spacers, and picket posts here.

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