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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Hardwood Screws

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Hardwood Screws

Hardwood screws are specially made for fastening and mounting hardwood. These screws are very popular in building hardwood decking. The hardwood screws from Wovar are made of stainless steel A410 quality. This is the most reliable quality of steel when it comes to stainless steel. Less reliable quality are stainless steel A2, C1, and C3 quality, these usually snap on hardwood. Inferior qualities of stainless steel cannot cope with the effect and load-bearing capacity of wooden decking. Never cut corners on screws for your deck! Go for quality and choose the stainless steel 410 hardwood screws from Wovar! Among our most popular products is the 5x50 mm Torx variant, suitable for hardwood decking boards of 19, 21, 25, and 28 mm thickness. The stainless steel 410 variant contains less nickel, which makes this hardwood screw stronger than other stainless steel types. Orders within Europe are delivered in 2-5 business days. 

Hardwood Screws for all Wood Construction Jobs

If you choose the Wovar hardwood screw to mount your decking, you are making the right choice. The hardwood screws are 5mm thick and have an extra deep Torx 25 impression. Wovar supplies 1 Torx 25 bit with each through hardwood screws for free. For extra comfort and faster mounting of hardwood screws, our magnetic bit holder with 2 free Torx 25 bits is recommended. This allows the hardwood screw to stick to the bit so that the chance is very small that they fall between the decking boards. In addition to decking boards, you can also mount fence boards with our garden screws.

Why Wovar Hardwood Screws?

The hardwood screws from Wovar are not only very strong thanks to the 410 quality stainless steel, but have also undergone a special heat treatment. During this treatment, the screws are first heated enormously and then cooled quickly. The head of these hardwood screws is provided with milling ribs. This ensures that the head of the screw sinks better into the wood. This leads to a beautiful finish. It is recommended to use our 4mm countersink bit for smooth decking boards. The countersink provides an even better countersink of the head.

The razor-sharp cutting point of the Wovar hardwood screws stainless steel 410 cuts effortlessly through the hardest woods. The thinnest sheet material also does not split. Wovar recommends pre-drilling for hardwood. For hardwood screws 5mm thick, pre-drill with our 3.5mm hardwood drill. We always recommend pre-drilling for hardwood.

Buying your Hardwood Screws

Order the 410 stainless steel hardwood screws at Wovar for the lowest price. Companies in the construction and garden industry benefit from extra benefits with a business account.

In addition to screws, Wovar also supplies high-quality carriage bolts and coach screws. Additionally, we also recommend you don't forget our assortment of small hardware such as carabiners, wind hooks, and snap hooks