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Wooden Garden Edging Rolls

At Wovar you can now also order beautiful wooden edging. Wooden edging, also called wooden lawn borders, provide a natural look to your garden. You can choose between 2 different types of wood, namely, impregnated pine and hardwood. You can also choose between different heights, from 20 to 40 cm. With the wooden borders you can create partitions in your garden. The borders are often used to separate flower beds. In addition to the partitions, placing this garden edging also creates different height levels in your garden. This way you create a completely different look and your garden gets a playful and lively touch up.

You can easily install our wooden border garden edging using a rubber mallet. This way you can easily drive the edging into the ground without damaging the posts. You can order a rubber mallet directly from our range of garden tools.

In addition to wooden border edging, you can also choose from Corten steel garden edging, plastic garden edging, and grass border edging. You can find all our different types of garden edging in our line of garden edging.

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With wooden garden edging you create natural garden partitions, which separate your flower beds excellently. Wooden borders are popular because they make a good addition to the natural look of a garden. Additionally, you can easily create beautiful ground height differences with these border edges. You determine the height of the partitions with the different heights of the posts. We sell posts with a height of 20, 30, and 40 cm. The wooden posts have the shape of a half moon, because they are, as it were, half posts. These have a diameter of 5 cm.

Wood Edging

Placing border edging of wood is very simple and takes little time. You simply dig a trench in the desired location. This can be done with a shovel, but also easily with a small garden shovel. Unroll the border roll and place it in the trench. Drive the posts into the ground to the desired depth with a rubber mallet and backfill the trench with soil. Press the whole thing down well to prevent later sagging.

Tip! To ensure that you place the posts nice and straight in one go, you can use a wooden slat. Place these horizontally on the posts, and then, hit them with the rubber mallet. This way, the posts remain nicely at the same depth in the ground. Do you want to be sure that the posts are also level? Then use a spirit level. You can order these directly from the range of hand tools.

Impregnated Wood

Most of Wovar’s wooden edging is made up of impregnated wood. This makes the wood last up to 5 times longer. This treatment makes the wood a lot more durable. This makes the wood rot-resistant, water-repellent, and prevents the formation of moss or algae.

Buying Wooden Garden Edging Rolls

Buy your wooden garden edging rolls now at an affordable price from Wovar! When purchasing 5 or 10 rolls of the same type, you will already start to benefit from a volume discount! This way you can provide your garden with several wooden borders at an affordable price! Companies in the construction sector and landscape gardeners also benefit from many other advantages with a business account. You will receive a fixed business discount and you will have a permanent contact person.

In addition to wooden borders, you can also choose from many other types at Wovar. We also sell the popular Corten steel garden edging, various colors of plastic garden edging, and beautiful grass border garden edging.