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Stainless Steel Deck Screws

Cutting back on deck screws is ill-advised. After all, decking screws have to absorb the pressure of wood without breaking. The decking screws from Wovar are made of Stainless Steel 410 quality. Grade 410 steel is very strong Stainless Steel. The addition of molybdenum makes this steel more resistant to aggressive concentrations. This also makes the screws much stronger than other stainless steel qualities such as A2. For wood types containing tannic acids such as Garapa and Oak, Wovar also supplies screws with a corrosivity class C4. These prevent black spots around your screws. You should always mill these in with our countersink drill for a nice finish on your wooden board. For all our deck screws look at our deck screw category.

Looking to purchase decking screws? Orders in Europe are delivered within 2-5 business days. Discover premium branded Wovar for high-quality screws for your terrace at an attractive price.

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In addition to special screws for decking, Wovar also supplies high-quality 410 grade Stainless Steel Garden Screws. To assemble all decking boards at the same distance, use spacers for decking boards.

Our stainless steel decking screws are very suitable for outdoor use and extra strong because they contain less nickel (type 410 stainless steel). While using less nickel ensures the strength of our decking screw, it is also our special heat treatment that makes the Wovar Decking Screws extra hard. During this heat treatment, the decking screws are first subjected to intense heat before going through rapid cooling. Decking Screws are also called Terrace Screws.

When is suitable, and when not?

Please note, Stainless Steel 410 is not suitable for Oak, Garapa, Kapur, Accoya, and other tannic wood species. This Stainless Steel Deck Screw is especially suitable for types of wood such as (Siberian) Larch, Bankirai, Ipé, Massaranduba, and Padouk wood.

Wovar's 410 Stainless Steel Deck Screws

Thanks to the hexagonal Torx Head, you have a minimal chance of idle spinning. The cutting point of our decking screws ensures that it drills smoothly through the wood. The partial wire ensures that the plank is pulled tight. The decking screws have a countersunk head with milling ribs at the bottom. This ensures that the decking screw is fastened tightly into the wood. This gives you a nice finish. The shank ribs above the screw thread of the decking screw take the friction off the screw. This makes it easier to screw the Decking Screws into the wood and you can mount more screws per battery.

Extras with the Wovar Deck Screws!

When you are ready to make your decking, it is important to have all the materials in-house. Consider not only beautiful decking boards and strong decking screws, but also spacers as very important for a beautiful deck. With Wovar's spacers, you can install all decking boards with the same spacing. Which spacing is most suitable differs per type of wood. We have listed this for you:

  • 5 millimeters: Ipé wood, Padouk wood, and thermally modified wood.
  • 7 millimeters: Mukulungu wood, Garapa wood, Bankirai wood and Camaru wood.
  • 8 millimeters: Wide hardwood parts from 19 centimeters
  • 10 millimeters: Larch wood, Red Class, impregnated wood, and all other softwoods.

Our most sold are the 5x50 mm Stainless Steel 410 Deck Screws for both hardwood decking and softwood (Pine, Spruce, Larch) terraces. The 5x50 mm Torx Decking Screws are suitable for decking boards of 19, 21, 25, and 28 mm. If you have decking boards of 28 mm or thicker, you can also choose the 60 or 70 mm screws. For hardwood, we recommend pre-drilling our decking screws with a thickness of 5 mm with our hardwood drills. For a 5 mm screw, use our 3.5 mm hardwood drill bit.

For hardwoods such as Oak, Garapa hardwood, Kapur, and Red Cedar, always choose our Hardwood Screws with Anti Rust Coating. These are specially protected against extreme tannic acids.

Buying Decking Screws

Order the Deck Screws 5 mm thick in the lengths 50 mm (most sold), 60 mm, 70 mm, and 80 mm. The Torx Stainless Steel Deck Screws 50 mm long are in boxes of 200 pieces. Decking screws with a length of 60 mm, 70 mm, and 80 mm are packed per 100 pieces. Do not forget to order our countersink bit if you are installing deck boards without grooves to joists. You will then get a nice recess in your decking board where the screw head fits exactly. You will avoid damaging the wood this way. We also supply adjustable deck supports, useful if you want to raise your patio and/or level out height differences.

Do you often use hardwood screws in your decking projects? Take advantage of our bulk discount and order a minimum of 5 boxes of decking screws. Companies in the construction and garden industry receive extra benefits such as an additional discount on all deck screws and other fasteners, and detailed order history with a business account! Simply create an account and take advantage right away.

In addition to building a deck, are you also thinking of building a roof? Do not forget to also order construction lag screws!

Tip: prevent the growth of weeds under your decking by purchasing landscape fabrics.