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Wovar Countersinks

More and more consumers with a wooden decking are opting for smoothly planed decking boards. These plain planks without grooves look modern. Dirt also has less of a hold on planed decking boards, as it largely sprays off the board by itself. This trend makes countersinks popular. Use this to create a small recess in which the head of a decking screw will plunge nicely. This way you get nicely concealed screws in your wooden terrace. The countersink bit also provides a piece of protection for the wood when screwing it in. At A-brand Wovar you order your drill to mill out a screw head, of course, together with our popular stainless steel decking screws and hardwood drill bits. Most customers choose our 5x50mm decking screw with 3.5mm hardwood drill bit. Other sizes also available. Orders within Europe are delivered within 2-5 business days. Wovar has different types of decking screws, which you can find with our decking screws.

With the countersink from Wovar you can have screw heads beautifully galvanized in wood. The countersink drills are very often used to countersink decking screws even better. Drill for about 3 - 4 seconds with the countersink drill and the head of the Wovar decking screw will disappear nicely into your decking boards. The countersink of Wovar have an extremely long life. The drills are made of high strength steel.

Buy galvanized drill bit for smooth decking boards

Do you want to neatly conceal your screw heads on smoothly planed decking boards? Then order your stainless steel decking screws, countersink drill bits and 3.5 mm drill bits for hardwood from A-brand Wovar. Companies in the construction and garden industry receive extra benefits such as discounts with a business account.

In addition to our 4 mm countersink drill, see also our hardwood bolt drills for pre-drilling decking screws.