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Wovar Decking Clips

We at Wovar provide the option to order clips needed to make a deck with a blind attachment. Clips eliminate the need to screw through your decking boards. As a result, decking boards retain a longer life. In addition, the clips provide a nice plain look without screw heads. After all, with an invisible fastening, no screw head is visible. Wovar supplies 2 types of clips for building decking. These are the so-called B-fix clips and Fesca clips.

Not every type of wood is suitable for use in combination with decking clips. It is important that you choose a stable type of wood that does not work too much. Woods that do not work much do not shoot out of these deck clips and do not bulge. Wood types that are suitable for our decking clips are: Padouk and Ipé hardwood and to a lesser extent Mukulungu and Massaranduba Artificially dried. Still looking for decking screws instead of clips? Then take a look at decking screws.