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Delivery between 2 and 5 business days throughout Europe!
The premium brand for screws and bolts
No less than 100 days right of return
Delivery between 2 and 5 business days throughout Europe!
The premium brand for screws and bolts
No less than 100 days right of return

Wovar Spacers

Do you simply want equal seams between your wooden decking boards? With the spacers from Wovar you ensure an equal distance between your decking boards. Keeping the correct distance between decking boards is very important when making a deck. After all, wooden decking boards work. If you do not maintain the correct distance between decking boards, this can have major consequences. For example, decking boards get bent, bounce up or even break. The effect of wood differs per type of wood, so there is not one correct spacing for all decking boards. Softwood, for example, needs a wider spacing than hardwood. For a solid finish to your project, look towards decking screws.

By keeping the correct spacing with the help of our spacers you can avoid such problems. Wovar supplies spacers in 5 different thicknesses. Namely 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 mm thick. You can easily order the spacers with our popular stainless steel decking screws. Orders within Europe are delivered between 2 and 5 business days!

The spacers from Wovar are available in 5 different colors and thicknesses. Each color has a different thickness. The thicknesses are as follows:

  • Blue - 1 mm thickness
  • Black - 2 mm thickness
  • Red - 3 mm thickness
  • White - 4 mm thickness
  • Yellow - 5 mm thickness

The correct spacing for your decking boards

By combining different spacers you arrive at the desired spacing of your decking boards. For example, we recommend using 2 yellow spacers for a needle holder so that the distance between them is at least 10 mm. With hardwood, 8 mm spacing is sufficient and you can combine a yellow spacer with a red one. Below we have listed for you which spacing you can use with various popular types of wood.

  • Rhombus fences, minimum 5 mm, for facades 7 mm
  • Impregnated and larch Douglas fir decking boards minimum 10 mm
  • Bankirai decking boards 8 mm, extra wide 10 mm
  • Ipé and padouk decking boards 6 mm
  • Garapa and kapur hardwood 10 mm

Tip: If you need several spacers to maintain the correct spacing, you can use an adhesive tape to stick the spacers together. Always make sure you have 2 sets of spacers. For example, you can place a spacer at both ends of your decking board, making the laying of the decking boards a lot faster and easier.

Order spacers for decking boards

Order spacers from Wovar to install your dream decking. Do not forget to order our high-quality decking screws inox 410 and countersinks. Construction companies, handymen, gardeners and timber traders get extra benefits with a business account. This includes a discount, a permanent contact person and a clear order history.