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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Chipboard Screws 410 Stainless Steel

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Chipboard Screws 410 Stainless Steel

Normally, stainless steel screws are slightly less strong than galvanised metal. Chipboard screws made of stainless steel at Wovar hardly differ in strength from the galvanised version. This is due to the stainless steel 410 quality of the Wovar chipboard screws. This quality stainless steel does not oxidise and is very strong. These torx stainless steel partial thread screws are suitable for 1001 wood construction jobs. See also our garden screws made of stainless steel 410 steel. Or view our hardwood screws suitable for all types of wood.

With the Wovar chipboard screws stainless steel 410, you are assured of powerful screws that will not break off. Pre-drilling is recommended when working with hardwood. Our Wovar hardwood drill bits are ideal for this.

Chipboard screws 410 stainless steel with Torx drive

The chipboard screws 410 stainless steel from Wovar are equipped with a Torx drive. The chipboard screws with a thickness of 4 mm have torx size 20 (TX20) and the screws with a 5 mm thick torx size 25 (TX25). The Torx print is made extra deep so that your tools have even more grip on the screws. A torx drive is a star-shaped drive with 6 points. This is often recommended by professionals. At Wovar we consider service to be of paramount importance. As a result, you will receive a free matching torx bit with every box of screws.

The chipboard screws from Wovar have a countersunk head. This ensures that the screws sink nicely into the wood. Under this countersunk head are milling ribs. These ensure that the screw sinks even better into the wood. This leads to a clean finish.

Optimal strength with Wovar stainless steel chipboard screws

The shank ribs of the Wovar chipboard screws are located above the threaded part. This reduces the tension on the screw and thus ensures a shorter screw-in torque. The shank ribs make room for the screw. This ensures less friction on the shank and that increases the strength of our chipboard screws. In addition to the shank ribs, the chipboard screws also have a coarse thread. This allows you to drive more screws per battery. The lower part of the thread is knurled. The serrated part widens the hole and easily cuts through all the fibers of the material.

Pre-drill chipboard screws in stainless steel 410

The cutting point of our stainless steel 410 chipboard screws makes pre-drilling in softwood superfluous. Pre-drilling is recommended if you work with hardwood. To pre-drill for a 4 mm thick screw, use our hardwood drill bit 3 mm. Our 3.5 mm thick hardwood drills are suitable for screws with a thickness of 5 mm. Thanks to the cutting point, the chance that even the dunsta wood material will split is virtually nil. The top layer is also not damaged.

Buy chipboard screws stainless steel 410

Discover the quality of our high-quality stainless steel 410 chipboard screws.Be relieved from the hindrance that is screws that break off when being screwed in. Companies in the construction and garden industry receive extra benefits such as discounts with a business account.