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Double-Sided Tape

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Double-Sided Tape

Are you looking for double-sided tape? At Wovar you can choose from one of our many double-sided tapes. With the double-sided tape, you can stick things together that come right up against each other or on top of each other. With double-sided tape, you can make connections that are not possible with single-sided tape. Double-sided tape ensures an almost invisible installation, without the need to use glue. Especially when objects do not have to be joined together permanently, double-sided tape is a real solution. Do you want to stick something with double-sided tape that must remain together permanently? That is no problem at all with strong double-sided tape, also known as double-sided mounting tape.

Transparent Double-Sided Tape

Double-sided tape is a real solution when you want to stick two objects together. Especially when you want to do this on or against each other. Normal tape is less suitable for this. In this case, you choose double-sided tape. Whether this is a poster on the wall, a rug on a table, or something else. With double-sided tape, you can realize it easily and quickly. When working with clear/transparent materials, black or colored double-sided tape is not nice. In that case, choose a double-sided transparent tape. The double-sided tape transparent is, as the name suggests, transparent. As a result, this double-sided tape is transparent, even with transparent objects. 

Strong Double-Sided Tape

Even if you want to stick objects that are a bit heavier, double-sided tape can still offer a solution. In that case, use strong double-sided tape. You can think of a strong double-sided mounting tape. The strongest variant in our range is suitable for more than 10 kg! This strong double-sided tape is perfect when, for example, you want to stick skirting boards to the wall, stick to glass, or stick rocks together. 

Removing Double-Sided Tape

You stick objects together with tape. Sometimes, however, it can happen that these objects no longer need to be attached to each other. In this case, it's time to remove the double-sided tape. Removing double-sided tape can be done in several ways. You can use a hair dryer to warm the tape first. When double-sided tape heats up, the adhesive is softer, so it's easier to remove. Another option for removing the double-sided tape is soaking it with alcohol. Use a liquid with a high alcohol percentage for this. Think of cleaning alcohol or even Vodka. Finally, removing double-sided tape can also be made easier with WD-40. To do this, spray some WD-40 along the edges, after which you pull it off a bit. You will continue to do this until you have finished removing the double-sided tape.

Buying Double-Sided Tape

Are you also going to buy double-sided tape? At Wovar you can buy double-sided tape at competitive prices. In addition, you always enjoy high-quality products at Wovar, which we supply directly from our own (large) stock. So you can get started quickly with double-sided tape. Do you need multiple rolls of double-sided tape? Please also note the volume discount that we offer for our various tapes. Do you have a company in the construction or Handyman industry? Then we would like to point you to our business account. This makes various companies from, among others, the construction or DIY industry eligible for additional benefits. Think of a business discount or a permanent contact person. 

Is our double-sided tape not what you were looking for? Do you need a different kind of tape? Wovar also has different types of duct tape, EPDM tape, insulation tape, and, of course, masking tape

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