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White High Tack Adhesive - Sealant - Per 290 ml Tube

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290 ml tube
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Why choose for White High Tack Adhesive - Sealant - Per 290 ml Tube?

  • Extremely strong
  • Stays permanently elastic
  • Fast curing, 2mm per 24 hours

Product attributes

Article number
Elastic sealant
Mold and bacteria resistant
MS Polymer
Price unit
per 290 ml tube
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Commonly used for
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Commonly used for

White High Tack Adhesive - Sealant - Per 290 ml Tube

Are you looking for a sealant for skirting boards, glass, concrete, wood, or other adhesives for your construction project? The high tack sealant from Wovar is extremely strong and hardens very quickly so that you can ensure a solid bonding in just 2 seconds. High tack adhesive sealant from Wovar is white and made of MS Polymer.

Wovar High Tack Adhesive

The processing temperature should be between +5 °C and +40 °C. The adhesive sealant continues to function at temperatures from -40°C to +90°C. In addition, this is an elastic high tack sealant with a movement capacity of approximately 20%, so that it absorbs acoustic and mechanical vibrations and vibrations well.

Furthermore, this glue adheres quickly and well to almost all and even damp surfaces. After application, the strength of the sealant is almost immediately at least 400 kg per square meter, which means that you immediately have a strong and fixed connection. When fully cured, the adhesive is easy to sand or grind and has excellent paintability.

Tip: Are you going to paint over the high tack adhesive? Then we recommend sanding, degreasing, and painting over the adhesive sealant and the adjacent parts within a few days of application.

What is High Tack Adhesive?

Wovar's high tack sealant has been specially developed for bonding on stone, concrete, mirrors, glass, plaster, PU, ​​PVC, hard plastics, enamel, ceramics, copper, lead, zinc, tin, aluminum, metals, alloys, and stainless steel. Thanks to the versatility of this Wovar high tack sealant, this adhesive is the most common adhesive sealant in construction.

High Tack Sealant Drying Time

The High tack sealant from Wovar has a super fast drying time. The drying time is about 2 mm per 24 hours. Of course, this strongly depends on the humidity. At high humidity, the drying time will be slightly delayed. 

Order your High Tack Adhesive

The White High Tack Adhesive from Wovar can easily be ordered per 290 ml tube. When ordering a full box of 12 tubes of high tack adhesvie, you will benefit from a high volume discount!

Construction companies, Handyman companies, and gardeners benefit from an extra advantage when they become a business customers with us! Register quickly for a business account and immediately receive, among other things, a fixed discount and your own contact person. 

Is this high-tack white sealant not quite what you are looking for? View our entire range of glue, sealants, and tape. For example, in addition to sealant, Wovar also supplies wood glue, stone glue, and super glue .

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