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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Claw Hammers

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Claw Hammers

A claw hammer is an indispensable tool for every carpenter and DIY-er. We offer different types of claw hammers. A claw hammer consists of a handle with a head, which is generally made out of forged steel. The face of the head (the part that hits the nail) is circular or square and flat. The back of the hammer head is bent and split in two. This part is the claw, and is used to remove nails. Claw hammers are available with a wooden and steel handle. These hammers weigh 450 gr. 

Additionally, you can find a brick hammer here. This hammer is perfect for masonry projects where you have to split or trim bricks.

What is a claw hammer?

A claw hammer is a tool that should be part of every carpenter's tool kit. With a claw hammer, you can easily drive nails in and remove nails from wood. The flat face is used to drive nails in wood, and the claw end is used to pull out nails. Keep in mind that not all hammers can be used with all nails. Small, thin nails require a lighter hammer than large nails. Using the wrong weight can result in a lot of crooked nails or hardly getting the nail in the wood. You can find all kinds of nails in our category nails, rivets, and staples.

Ordering claw hammers

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