• Orders within europe delivered between 2 and 5 business days
  • Keep your product for 100 days before returning it
  • Secure Post payment
  • For businesses and individuals
  • Orders within europe delivered between 2 and 5 business days

Returning Wovar orders

Not satisfied with the products you ordered, or do you no longer need them? That's possible! In that case, we recommend that you send it back to us. You can see below how that works.

Due to a fire at one of Wovar's properties, processing your return may take approximately two weeks longer than usual.

Return period

At Wovar, every customer is entitled to a return period of 100 days. The withdrawal period starts after receipt of the package. It does not matter whether it concerns a partial return or a complete return of your order. Was a product delivered incorrectly or defectively? Then we request that you contact us immediately, so that we can solve the problem right away.

Return conditions

You can return products to us when:

- The item is unused;
- The article does not contain any traces of use;
- The item is viewed/tried in the same way you would in a store.

Way of return

For returns, we ask you to use our own return form, which you can put in the box. You always send the package to the address below:

Wovar B.V.
Narvikweg 4
9723 TV, Groningen

Do you have any questions? Please contact us:
Phone: 31 50 - 211.34.34
Email: info@wovar.com

You can download the return form here.

Please note: the direct costs for returning a package must be accounted for by you yourself.