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Over Wovar

Wovar is the premium brand for screws, bolts, nuts, drills and an ever expanding assortment of other hardware. Wovar products are known for their blend of high quality and attractive prices. We do after all live up to our slogan with no exceptions: Wovar secures it, whenever and wherever.


Phone: +31 (0)50 - 211 34 34

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Popular with the business market and home professional

We sell Wovar fasteners to private home craftsmen and companies. More and more construction companies, gardeners, timber traders, furniture manufacturers and hardware stores are discovering Wovar. We provide business customers and large-scale consumers with an account a large assortment, attractive discounts, and free returns within 100 days.

Popular products

We have built an empire on wood screws. Stars within our product range are our stainless steel decking screws, Galvanized counter-head screws, black lock bolts and matching bits and drills. We will also provide you with the highest quality hardware including as galvanized and black hinges, standard to heavy beam supports and m6 to m12 threaded rods. Discover our low prices, high quality and quick delivery throughout Europe.

Business account?

Would you also like a non-binding business account at Wovar? Then please don't hesitate to contact us. Companies with an account benefit from a set discount. Discover our attractive prices and above all our high-quality materials. Would you like to try a specific screw or bolt first? Then request a 'test screw'.

Wovar's background

My name is Jesse Keizer, founder and CEO of Wovar. My experience within the hardware market led me to the realization that hardware suppliers in Europe charge tremendous prices for screws and hardware. I also noticed that the quality of such products is often deemed inadequate. I saw this as an opportunity, thus Wovar was born. Our core philosophy is that there must be a harmonious balance between good quality and an attractive price. Moreover, the prevalence of the internet enables us to ship quickly and minimize operational costs. We now ship screws, hardware and other products throughout Europe with an expected delivery time of 2 to 5 business days.

Above all, remember our slogan: Wovar secures it, whenever and wherever.



Wovar is subsidized for their Marketing Automation knowledge transfer project. This subsidy is co-financed by the European Union, European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the provinces of Drenthe, Fryslân and Groningen. europese unie subsidie snn