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Hinge types and tips

Read our tips here for mounting metal hinges for your gate door or garden gate. There are roughly 3 types of steel hinges. Straight, with resistance and with bend. You can read more about this below.

Hinge hooks should always be mounted in combination with a hinge hook. You can slide the eye of the strap hinge over the hook of the hinge hook. In this way  you can have a 'long hinge''.

1. Hinges Straight

These are hinges that are completely straight in shape. Straight hinges ensure that your door falls out of the door frame approximately 20 mm. This is the distance between the hook and the back of the plate. Because the handle is completely straight, your garden door falls slightly in front of your garden post.

2. Hinge with resistance

These are the most popular hinges. Hinges with resistance are not completely straight, but have a gradient of about 20 mm inwards. This ensures that your door is positioned straight along the post. The resistance is equal to the distance of the hook and the plate. To give an idea: If you slide a hinge with resistance over the hinge hook, and put it on a table, the entire part of the hinge touches the table. So the back of the hinge hook is flush with your door.

3. Hinges with bend

These hinges have a large bend. The bend is 40mm. The advantage of hinges with a bend is that your door cannot blow through the bend. It is possible to mount hinges with bend in 2 ways. The most common way is to mount the hinges on the back of the door. The other way mainly occurs with thicker garden posts such as 12x12 cm posts. these hinges are sometimes mounted on the front of the door. This is the same side as the hinges straight or with offset. Due to the bend, the door falls more in the middle of the post. In some situations, this provides a better end result.

Finishing hinges

In addition to the different types, hinges are also made in different styles. For example, rustic hinges have a rural appearance due to their graceful point at the end. The most sold hinges have a so-called half moon on the ends. Furthermore, the variant with a triangular point at the end is also available.

Galvanized or black

The hinges are available in gray galvanized steel, stainless steel or black powder coated. In terms of price, hinges made of galvanized metal are the most affordable, this is also called galvanized. The black painted strap hinges are very popular. This contrasts nicely with, for example, Larch Douglas or Oak wood. If you don't want rust, choose the stainless steel hinges. The corresponding hinge hooks (also available in an adjustable variant) are also available in these 3 variants.

Mounting of hinges

Hinges usually have a square hole first and then some round holes. This makes hinges very suitable for mounting with carriage bolts or wood threaded bolts. Always place a carriage bolt in the square hole. This one fits nicely in the handle. We always recommend mounting the so-called suspension eye for the post (called hinge hook) with 6 screws of 4x50 mm. Pre-drilling is not necessary for softwood, but it is for hardwood.