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Do you need a high-quality mallet? Then you have come to the right place. You can choose between mallets with a hard or soft rubber head. The soft rubber head is mainly used for paving. The hard head can also be used for this if the pavers are not fragile or delicate. However, this hammer is better suited for, for instance, driving pegs or small fence posts into the ground.

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Paving with rubber mallets

Rubber mallets are ideal for paving. After placing the pavers, it is wise to tap them with a rubber hammer. This causes the paving slabs to be more secure, and allows you to remove height differences. The result is a more uniform and even surface.

Camping with rubber mallets

In addition to paving, these hammers can be used for many more jobs. For example, a rubber mallet is convenient when you go camping. Setting up your tent, it is incredibly useful to have a rubber mallet at hand to drive the tent pegs into the ground. Similarly, when building a fence, you can use a rubber mallet to firmly and securely place the fence posts.

Ordering rubber mallets

Order your new rubber mallet today, so you can start paving or go on that camping trip. Are you a professional in the construction or landscaping industry? Wovar’s business clients enjoy many benefits with a free business account. For instance, business clients receive a personal discount code and have access to a detailed order history.

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