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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Cross Pein Hammers

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Cross Pein Hammers

A good cross pein hammer is indispensable. Wovar's cross pein hammers are available in various weights and with different handles. When deciding on a hammer, think about the nails you are going to use. A heavy hammer with thin nails is asking for crooked nails. However, with a hammer that is too light, it is hard to drive the nails into the wood. We offer a cross pein hammer for every nail. You can also choose between an ashwood or fibreglass handle. The advantage of a fibreglass handle is that it reduces the vibrations in the hammer.

What is a cross pein hammer?

The cross pein hammer is also called the engineer's hammer. A cross pein hammer often consists of a wooden handle with a steel head. The head of the hammer is flat and square, which is perfect for driving nails into wood. Nails are used for many carpentry jobs, such as securing wooden joints in, for instance, a pergola. 

Which cross pein hammer do I need?

Cross pein hammers are available in several weights and with different handles. Wovar offers cross pein hammers from 100 to 1000 grams. The different weights are used for different purposes. For example, a 100 gr hammer is perfect for fastening thin nails at the back of a wardrobe. A heavy cross pein hammer is used for driving bigger nails in hard materials. You can even do light demolition work with a 1000 gr hammer. However, it is better to use a lump hammer for such a job.

Fibreglass handle

Most people know cross pein hammers with a handle made of ashwood, but hammers with a fibreglass handle also exist. The main advantage of a fibreglass handle is that it reduces the vibrations in the hammer. This makes it more comfortable to work with the hammer.

Ordering cross pein hammers

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