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Delivery between 2 and 5 business days throughout Europe!
The premium brand for screws and bolts
No less than 100 days right of return
Delivery between 2 and 5 business days throughout Europe!
The premium brand for screws and bolts
No less than 100 days right of return

Wovar Concrete screws

Are you looking for strong screws for anchoring objects in concrete? We have special concrete screws for sale. For example, you can use this to secure racks in a concrete floor. Chemical anchoring is often not necessary and our concrete screws already provide the right anchorage. We also have concrete screws without plugs for direct mounting in a concrete floor. Also view our frame fixings or impact fixings for mounting wooden beams in a stone facade.

Here at Wovar, we strive to deliver our concrete screws to your doorstep in no more than 2-5 business days throughout the entirety of Europe.

With the Wovar concrete screws you can easily anchor objects firmly in concrete without using plugs. To assemble concrete screws without plugs, you only need a drill and hammer drill or concrete drills to pre-drill the screws and a socket, ring or open-end wrench to tighten the concrete screw.

Advantages of Wovar concrete screws

Wovar concrete screws have become extremely popular because they are simply easy to install. For example, you only need to pre-drill the screws, after which you can quickly screw them into the concrete thanks to the coarse thread. Wovar concrete screws have a hexagon head with a pressed ring. The hexagonal head provides an enormous grip, so that a high screw force can be applied to the screw without damaging it. The pressed ring ensures a high clamping range. This makes it possible to anchor extra large and heavy objects to concrete.

How do I install a concrete screw without a plug?

It is always necessary to pre-drill Wovar concrete screws. The thickness of the drill bit you use to pre-drill depends on the thickness of the concrete screw. Wovar has concrete screws with different thicknesses. These are M5, M6, M8 and M10, the correct drill diameter is the same thickness as the concrete screw. So you pre-drill M6 concrete screws with a 6 mm hammer drill and M10 concrete screws with a 10 mm thick hammer drill. The drilling depth depends on the length of the concrete screw and the thickness of the object to be fastened. The formula you use for this is: Length concrete screw + 5 mm - fixing thickness of the object to be anchored = drill hole depth.

Order concrete screws

Simply order Wovar concrete screws per piece for the lowest price. Wovar supplies concrete screws at lightning speed from its own stock. Timber merchants, gardeners and construction companies benefit from additional benefits such as a discount with a business account.

Are concrete screws not quite what you are looking for? Also take a look at our frame fixings, or combine our galvanized chipboard screws with our nylon plugs for anchoring in stone and concrete.

In addition to concrete screws, Wovar also supplies frame screws, spring pins and expansion bolts. Use our hollow wall plugs for anchoring in plaster walls.