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Express Nails

Are you looking for a solid and, above all, efficient connection of wood to concrete or solid stone? With the Wovar Express Nail, you can fasten battens or side laths to concrete at lightning speed. Wovar express nails are made of galvanized steel and are 6 or 8 mm thick. Popular sizes include 6 x 40, 6 x 60, or 6 x 80mm express nails. Because concrete does not expand when an express nail is driven in, they remain tight and you get firm anchoring. The use of express nails is quite simple and very economical. You can easily place these express nails by means of push-through mounting. Pre-drill a hole with a concrete or hammer drill. Depending on the thickness of the surface, 6 or 8 mm, pre-drill with a 6 or 8 mm drill. 

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Express nails can be used, among other things, for the assembly of window frames, the placement of scaffolding, or the construction of fencing. This universal fastener from Wovar ensures fast and secure installation because you simply have to pre-drill and then drive the express nail into the pre-drilled hole.

How Exactly Does an Express Nails Work?

Installing express nails is not only quick, but it is also very simple. Depending on the length of the express nail, pre-drill a hole with a concrete or hammer drill. It is best if the express nail extends the entire length of the drill hole. The drill hole can be made in one go, both through the material to be attached and in the subsoil itself. To fix the express nail firmly in the material, it is best if the drill hole is just slightly narrower than the diameter of the express nail. When hammering in the express nail, the concrete will not expand. This is because the clamping sleeve has a narrow opening, which can close when hammered. This way, you can easily and quickly attach different types of beams to a concrete or stone surface.

Types of Express Nails

At Wovar you will find clamping sleeves with different dimensions. We sell clamping sleeves with a diameter of 6 or 8 mm. In addition, you can choose from different lengths, of which the 6 x 40, 6 x 60, and 6 x 80 are the most popular sizes. The clamping sleeves are all made of galvanized steel and are therefore very strong.

Ordering Express Nails

Order your clamping sleeves now at Wovar for the lowest price. Do you have a construction or landscaping company? Then quickly create a business account and take advantage of additional benefits, including discounts and access to your order history. 

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