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Expansion bolts with hook

Are you looking for an anchor to hang something heavy on your wall or ceiling? With these expansion bolts with hook you are assured of an extremely strong anchoring in stone and concrete. Expansion bolts with hook come in five different sizes. These vary from M6 x 70 mm to M16 x 180 mm. The first number indicates the thickness of the expansion bolt. This number always starts with an M. The second number indicates the total length including hook. Our most sold expansion bolt with hook is the M8 x 90 mm expansion bolt. This is often used for shade cloths in the garden.

Order expansion bolts with hook super cheap at Wovar. Wovar almost always delivers expansion bolts with hook super-fast from its own stock the next day. Construction companies, gardeners and handymen receive extra benefits such as a discount with a business account.

Are expansion bolts with hook not quite what you are looking for? View all our expansion bolts. Here you will find, among other things, expansion bolts with eye, expansion bolts for push-through mounting and expansion bolts for pre-drilling.


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Expansion bolts with hook are intended for hanging objects on or from. Consider, for example, shade cloths or wind screens. Do not use it to attach wooden beams to the wall. For this, you can use our expansion bolts with push-through or pre-drilling installation. Our frame plugs are also often used for this. These can be mounted much faster.

Install expansion bolts with hook

Fitting expansion bolts with hook seems more difficult than it is. In short, all you have to do is drill a hole in the stone or concrete, plug the expansion bolt into the hole and tighten the nut. By tightening the nut, the expansion bolt will expand so that the expansion bolt is firmly anchored in the stone or concrete. Each size expansion bolt must be pre-drilled with a different size drill. This is indicated for each expansion bolt. It also indicates how deep you should predrill.

Install tips for expansion bolts

If it is not possible to insert the expansion bolt smoothly into the hole after drilling, we recommend that you carefully hammer in the expansion bolt with a hammer. It is important not to overtighten the nut when anchoring the expansion bolt. Expansion bolts are extremely strong. If you turn the nut too far, there is a chance that your brick will break.

View the overview below for to determine which drill thickness and drilling depth you should use for mounting our expansion bolts with hook!

Expansion bolt with eye               thickness + required drilling depth
M6 x 70 mm 10.0 mm - 45 mm deep
M8 x 90 mm 14.0 mm - 55 mm deep
M10 x 110 mm 16.0 mm - 65 mm deep
M12 x 140 mm 20.0 mm - 85 mm deep
M16 x 180 mm 25.0 mm - 105 mm deep