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Anchor Bolts with Eye

Looking for an anchor bolt with eye? At Wovar, you will find strong anchor bolts with eye for, for example, attaching your shade sail and wind or sun screen in stone or concrete. Anchor bolts with eye are easy to install and thanks to the eye, you can easily hook something onto them. Anchor bolts are, in contrast to our wedge anchors, not intended for anchoring wooden beams to the wall. It is purely intended for hooking shade sails to the eye, for example.

Anchor bolts with eye M8 x 90 mm are most often used for hanging shade sails.

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Anchor bolts with eye are mainly used in the garden. Installing these anchor bolts is fairly straightforward. No experience with installing anchor bolts? No problem! Below, we explain in detail how to install anchor bolts with eye.

Install anchor bolts with eye

In order to install the expansion bolts with eye, you will need: a (hammer) drill, a masonry drill bit, an anchor bolt, and a spanner. When using our hammer drill bits, you must have a drill with SDS plus connection. For each anchor bolt, it is indicated which drill bit size you need to mount the bolt in stone or concrete. As an example, we will take our anchor bolt M6 x 70 mm. You will have to drill a pilot hole with a concrete or hammer drill bit 10 mm thick. To make sure that the anchor bolt fits, drill 45 mm deep. With a hammer, if necessary, you can gently hit the anchor bolt so that it sits in the wall up to the washer under the eye.

Secure the anchor bolt in the wall

To anchor the bolt, tighten the nut with a 10 mm open-ended spanner for M6 bolts. This will make the sleeve at the back expand, which causes the anchor bolt to be firmly anchored in the wall. Note: for anchor bolts, fixed is fixed. Do not overtighten while tightening the nut. Anchor bolts are extremely strong. If you keep turning the nut, there is a chance that your brick will break. This is of course not the intention.

Specifications of anchor bolts with eye

Below, we have listed an overview of what size drill bit you need for our anchor bolts with eye. In addition, we indicate the required drilling depth per bolt.

Anchor bolt with eye                  Drill bit thickness + required drilling depth
M6 x 70 mm 10.0 mm - 45 mm deep
M8 x 90 mm 14.0 mm - 55 mm deep
M10 x 110 mm 16.0 mm - 65 mm deep
M12 x 140 mm 20.0 mm - 85 mm deep
M16 x 180 mm 25.0 mm - 105 mm deep

The dimensions of an anchor bolt with eye are always displayed with 2 values. First, the M, which indicates the thickness of the thread of the bolt. An M6 anchor bolt with eye has a 6 mm thick thread. The second number represents the length, which is the length of the entire bolt, including the eye.

Order anchor bolt with eye

Order anchor bolts with eye at Wovar. Benefit from a volume discount when ordering a full box. Construction companies, gardeners, and carpenters benefit from additional advantages, such as a discount, with a business account.

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