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Insulation Tape

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Insulation Tape

Are you looking for strong tape with an insulating effect? Insulation tape from Wovar is exactly what you need! Most electrical tape is made from a mix of PVC and rubber. This ensures that the tape does not conduct electricity. You can buy the insulation tape from Wovar in various colors, types, and sizes. Also the popular black insulation tape!

Insulation Tape

Using insulating tape is very simple. The insulation tape is relatively easy to tear. Do you want a nice tight end result? Then we recommend using a snap-off blade or scissors. When applying insulation tape, it is important that you keep the tape taut. This ensures that the tape covers the wires (or other materials) well, so it has the best possible effect. 

Buying your Insulation Tape

Buy your high-quality insulating tape easily and quickly at Wovar in the webshop. This way you not only enjoy fast delivery but also competitive prices on insulation tape. Always pay attention to the volume discount when ordering multiple pieces. You will receive a discount on the sales price for fixed quantities. Do you have a construction or Handyman company? Then you can request additional benefits with a business account. Thinking of an additional business discount?