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Lifting Pulleys

Lifting pulleys are extremely suitable for lifting objects. The polyamide wheel ensures a smooth movement when lifting. Wovar offers different types of pulleys that you can use to lift. The pulley with 1 eye and 1 wheel is very popular. You can also find screw pulleys in our range. These pulleys are threaded and therefore easy to install in your ceiling. We also sell hinged pulleys. The hinge allows the polyamide wheel to move to the sides while lifting. Wovar's standing pulleys allow you to move relatively heavy loads with limited force. For all specifications per pulley, including the required width of the cord and the bearing capacity of the pulleys, please refer to the product pages.

Are you looking for a different kind of pulley? The range of pulleys includes awning pulleys and sliding door rollers for cabinet doors.

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With the lifting pulleys from Wovar, you can perform many different activities. From operating sun blinds, adjusting lamps, and lifting and moving various heavy objects, it's all possible. Pulleys are often used in multiple numbers. With several loose and fixed pulleys, you can reduce the amount of force required to lift something. You no longer have to lift anything straight up. By pulling the cord, which is tensioned by the pulleys, you can lift relatively heavy objects with limited force and then move them.

Types of Pulleys

At Wovar you can buy different types of pulleys. A frequently used pulley is the lifting pulley, which you can hang from various objects. The easiest way to hang it is on a hook in the ceiling. The loose pulley will move with the movements of the cord. You can easily fix a hinged pulley with screws. The pulley is then fixed, but can still move left and right through the hinge. Standing pulleys and screw pulleys are fixed after assembly and are very suitable for workshops where objects, such as tools and machines, have to be moved regularly. The universal pulley is very small, which makes this pulley very suitable for, for example, operating sun blinds and adjusting lamps. All pulleys are available in different sizes and variants.

Fastening a Pulley

You can mount the different pulleys on the wall as well as on the wall and the floor. When mounting a pulley on a hardwood surface, we recommend pre-drilling lightly. You can do this with a hardwood drill bit. You can order these directly from our range of hardwood drills. When mounting a pulley on a stone or concrete surface, it is important to use a nylon plug. You can also use one of our concrete drill bits to make the hole for this plug.

Because there is a lot of pulling force on a pulley, it must be properly and firmly attached. The wheels of the pulleys differ in diameter and also have different groove widths. Pay close attention to the groove width, so you can also order the matching cord.

Buying Pulleys

Buy your pulleys, now very affordable at Wovar! With several pulleys, you can lift and move relatively heavy loads without using too much force. That is why you will receive a high volume discount when purchasing 10 or 20 of the same pulleys. Do you have your own Handyman construction company or are you a landscape gardener? Then take advantage of many other benefits with a business account. You will then receive a fixed business discount and you will be given a permanent contact person.

In addition to all the different lifting pulleys, you can also contact  Wovar for awning pulleys and sliding door rollers.