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Sliding Door Rollers

Looking for a strong and smooth door roller for your sliding door? With the various cabinet door rollers from Wovar, there is a suitable roller for every sliding door. You can choose between different sizes and a narrow version. The real stars are the sliding door rollers with ball bearings. These ensure that you can always open and close your sliding doors gradually and continuously. The rollers with ball bearings are available in 40 mm and 60 mm models. A small version of 25 mm without a ball bearing is also available. The carrying power of the door rollers differs and is between a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 17.5 kg! So pay close attention to the bearing capacity of the rollers, so that they can withstand the weight of the door. For further specifications and dimensions, please refer to the product pages.

Are you looking for other rollers for your cabinet doors, or are you looking for awning or lifting pulleys? Then check out our line of awning pulleys or lifting pulleys.

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If you want to make a sliding door for a closet, for example, then the sliding door rollers from Wovar are indispensable. These rollers allow you to slide your doors open and closed smoothly. Especially with the door rollers with ball bearings, you can open and close a cabinet door almost effortlessly. The different sizes of the rollers are suitable for different doors. For example, the narrow version of 1 cm wide is suitable for doors that are very thin. In addition, the rollers also differ in carrying capacity. For example, the 25 mm versions can carry up to 3 and 5 kg each. The 40 mm version carries up to 7.5 kg and the 65 mm version can carry up to 12.5 and 17.5 kg!

Installing Door Rollers

All Wovar door rollers should be installed on the underside of your door. The doors must therefore be provided with hollow spaces in which the steel sheet cabinet fits. To fix the door roller, all you have to do is push it into the door and secure it with 2 screws. The ends of the panel box are already provided with mounting holes, which makes screwing very easy. Do you have a hardwood door? Then pre-drill the door with a hardwood drill, so that you can easily tighten the screws. It is always handy to have a set of hardwood drill bits at home. You can order these directly from our range of hardwood drills.

Pay close attention to the bearing capacity of the door rollers and do not exceed it. A sliding door always needs at least 2 door rollers. Is the load capacity of a door roller 5 kg? Then the door can weigh a maximum of 10 kg when using 2 door rollers.

Buying your Sliding Door Rollers

Buy your sliding door rollers, now very affordable at Wovar! Are you ordering 10 or 20 pieces right away? Then you can also benefit from our volume discount! Construction companies and landscape gardeners also benefit from the many other advantages of a business account. You will receive a fixed business discount, you will have your own contact person, and you will receive a handy order overview.

In addition to sliding door rollers, you can also contact  Wovar for various lifting pulleys and awning pulleys!