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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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MDF Screws

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MDF Screws

Are you looking to screw into MDF materials? Wovar supplies MDF screws made of galvanised steel for the lowest price. Wovar MDF screws ensure that you can easily screw into the end face of MDF boards, plywood and chipboard without pre-drilling. This makes the screw super popular for interior construction. MDF screws are made of galvanised steel and are therefore very strong. The screw is available in seven different sizes and is packed per 200 pieces. Due to the small flat head with Torx 15 drive, the screw sinks nicely into the wood. MDF screws are also called floor screws. They are also often used with solid wooden planks.

Order galvanised MDF screws at Wovar for the lowest price. MDF screws are extra advantageous for construction companies, gardeners, furniture makers and handymen with a business account. Sign up for a free business account today!

MDF screws are widely used to connect sheet material together. The advantage of these screws is that you do not have to pre-drill and do not split sheet material when screwing in the screw. A beautiful finish is also achieved thanks to the small head. Below we will take a closer look at the advantages of the Wovar MDF screws.

Screw into MDF without pre-drilling

Thanks to the hard 3-corner-shaped drill point, you do not pre-drill the screw if you are going to screw in MDF, for example. You do not have to worry that the sheet material will split, even if you are going to drill into the end face of a sheet. The special drill tip ensures optimal predrilling and retention of its pull-out value.

Countersinking MDF screws with small head

Thanks to the socket above the screw thread, extra space is created for the stem of the screw. As a result, the different plate parts are pulled tightly against each other. The advantage of the extra narrow 75° flat head ensures a super sleek finish. The screws have an extra deep TX 15 impression. Do not forget to order matching torx bits. When using screws with a normal flat head you will see that the sheet material tears.

Alternatives to MDF screws

Is an MDF screw not quite what you are looking for? View all our galvanised chipboard screws. Here you will also find chipboard screws galvanised torx and even black screws. Our black garden screws or pot lid screws are often used for the processing of feather edge boards. Are you going to build a deck? Always use our high-quality stainless steel decking screws!