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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Carabiners Galvanised

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Carabiners Galvanised

Wovar has carabiners in all shapes and sizes. These carabiners are made of galvanised steel. This makes the carabiner very strong. These carabiners are capable of carrying very heavy weights. For example, if you have a chain that has to carry many kilos, you can use a carabiner to fasten it quickly. If you then want to remove it quickly, you can unclip it again. It is important to know that these carabiners are not suitable for personal protection during, for example, climbing.

Galvanised carabiners are available in various sizes. You can also order galvanised carabiners in combination with a screw closure. Even if you don't like the standard greyish colour, Wovar has a good carabiner for you, because we also have carabiners with black coating. There are stainless steel (A4) carabiners for corrosion resistance.

Order galvanised carabiners

Wovar has a wide variety in its stock of carabiners. Wovar carabiners are always competitively priced and of a high quality. Wovar also has various alternatives in its range for associated businesses. If you have a company in the garden or DIY industry, Wovar offers a number of extra options to get an advantage with a business account.