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Stainless Steel Carabiners

Carabiners are a very universal mounting material. They can actually be used in all conceivable situations. Whether you will be working with ropes, chains, or rings, the carabiners will always be able to provide these materials with a strong connection. This type of carabiner from Wovar is made of Stainless Steel. Stainless steel is a strong material, which is also suitable for use in the open air. For example, they will not corrode quickly when the hook is exposed to water a lot and for a long time. When the hook is made of stainless steel A4, it is also suitable for environments that are rich in salt or chlorine. So think of swimming pools or coastal areas.

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Wovar has a diverse range of carabiners. The carabiner is available in all different types and sizes. For example, in addition to stainless steel carabiners, Wovar also has black coated carabiners, galvanized steel carabiners, and screw-lock carabiners. There are also many possibilities in the sizes of the hooks. There are hooks of 4 x 40 mm, 5 x 50 mm, 6 x 60 mm, 7 x 70 mm, 8 x 80 mm, 9 x 90 mm and 10 x 100 mm.

Ordering your Stainless Steel Carabiners

Wovar supplies high-quality carabiners at a competitive price. Also take advantage of our volume discounts, when you buy larger you will receive a nice discount on your purchases. Wovar also has various alternatives in its range for associated chains. If you have a company in the garden or handyman industry, Wovar offers a number of extra options to get an advantage. You can arrange your own contact person, extra discount and special deliveries in combination with a business account.